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VueJS or ReactJS: Which is the Best Web Framework?

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VueJS and ReactJS are considered to be some of the most widely known front end JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks play a significant role as useful tools when it comes to web development. Though in recent years, due to the ever-rising competition in the front-end tools, developers now have various options at their expense. However, the selection process is mainly according to the team expertise and the requirements of the project. 

Numerous companies are looking forward to opting for the reactjs development services obtained from one of the top IT firms. Though, it is recommended to have immense knowledge about all the available technology platforms to find out which web framework will provide you with the best product. The ideal outcome is the one that is most suitable for your business requirements. 

According to recent Github’s report, ReactJS has more than double the number of downloads than VueJS. Let’s find out what makes ReactJS and VueJS at a point of comparison.

Comparison Between VueJS and ReactJS


React is termed as a library or a database that is used to create highly attractive and reusable UI components. Such a library is quite suitable for parts that demand data changes quite frequently. With the aid of React, the developer can build efficient user interfaces that are reusable by further breaking them into various components that could replace HTML and templates. React is considered to be one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that rule the market. 

Benefits  of ReactJS in development of different web apps:

  1. Flexible and Responsive: ReactJS framework offers responsiveness and flexibility to a great extent. 
  2. Virtual DOM:  REACTJS offers arrangements that are quite browser-friendly since it makes use of the document object model. 
  3. Rich JS Library: This framework has numerous contributors who are willing to put in efforts to add fresh features. 
  4. Scalability: Time and again, this framework has proved to be suitable for large scale applications, mainly because of its impressive scalability and flexibility.
  5. Evolving constantly:  ReactJS development companies have professional developers such as those from Facebook who continuously work on it to improve its features. 
  6. Mobile or web platform: It provides a platform called the Reactive Native Platform that is quite suitable for the development of native rendered applications typically for the Android and iOS. 

Limitations of ReactJS

Having a setup process, structure, functions, and properties that are quite complex, such a type of framework requires extensive knowledge and skills and while building an application. 

Famous Companies that use ReactJS

Some of the companies that are currently making use of the ReactJS framework include Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Dropbox, Microsoft, Airbnb, New York Times, and many more. 


This framework is an open-source type JS framework that is capable of building single-page type applications. The prime aim of this framework, while working as a web application type framework, is to simplify the process of web development. Application development using VUEJS has been attracting the attention of numerous Vuejs companies around the world who are passionate about developing various web applications. Such type of progressive frameworks developed by vue development company is employed for building UIs that are quite eye-catching. 

One of the main reasons for which Vuejs has gained immense popularity is mainly due to its ability to re-render. This framework allows the developer to develop components that are small, robust, and entirely reusable so that you can easily add these components whenever needed. 

Benefits of VueJS in creating amazing Apps in no time

  1. Easy to use: VueJS frameworks make use of HTML templates to enhance the ease with which one can use it. 
  2. Integration is smoother: May it be a single page or even a complex web application, this framework is known for offering seamless integration without having any significant effect on the entire system. 
  3. Enhanced performance and reduced size: Offers better performance and takes up minimal space as compared to others. 
  4. Adaptability: This JS framework has impressive architecture and sound design along with reusable templates, another reason due to which vue js development services attract various businesses. 

Limitations of VueJS

  1. In comparison to the React and angular, VueJS has a quite smaller market but gets successful in gaining rapid limelight due to its impressive and unique features. 
  2. While using large scale apps, one might come across various issues during the web development process. 
  3. VueJS has lesser downloads in comparison to REACTJS.

Top companies that incorporate the use of VueJS

Some of the companies that make use of VueJS include Netflix, Adobe, Alibaba, Facebook, Behance, Xiaomi, Codeship, and many more. 

An in-depth comparison between the Two Frameworks

  • Optimization and re-rendering

While comparing the two frameworks, one cannot necessarily consider speed to be a significant factor for concluding which out of the two is a better choice. However, re-rendering is the preferred comparison factor and acts as a fantastic differentiator. Re-rendering, in the case of React night, requires additional features and properties to get rid of insignificant re-rendering. 

However, in the case of Vue, this feature turns out to be a significant distinguishing factor and is, therefore, a prime reason why this framework is widely embraced. 

  • State Management Solutions and Routing

While taking into account any application, the most important thing is to have a detailed check on the data flow. Along with this, you need to look into state management, especially while dealing with frameworks like Vue and React. The reason behind this is the large number of components involved in the sharing of data and interaction. 

React framework indulges in offering quite an innovative solution referred to as Redux or Flux Architecture while Vue, on the other hand, is quite advanced in terms of the architecture and ensures an unbeatable experience. 

  • Building Tools 

The environment offered for development by both the frameworks is quite good hence enabling a developer to smoothly build apps that come up with the latest templates and practices. 

Tools like these tend to offer the developers with a highly flexible and compatible development environment that empowers them with a boost to start with the coding part right away. 

Some Last Thoughts

The decision of either opting for VueJS or ReactJS is wholly subjective and will entirely depend upon your project requirements or business needs. However, make sure to hire vuejs developers if you are planning on building amazing mobile apps or if you simply want to have a front end JS framework being integrated into an already existing application. 

When it comes to native rendered applications, the best choice could be to hire reactjs developers since React is quite a mature and accessible platform for such applications. 


1.When can we opt for vuejs? 

If your business or project requires a faster, modern, and lightweight UI, it is best to make use of the VueJS framework since it is a fantastic framework for speedier app development in no time.

2.Which of the frameworks is more comfortable to learn?

When it comes to learning, Vuejs is quite simpler because many of its aspects, such as property, process, setup, etc. are quite similar to standards such as HTML,  ES6, and CSS. 

3.Which is better for business needs, React or Vue? 

As a firm, you might find it challenging to select between React and Vue. It is best to go for the one that best suits your business requirements. In the case of complex applications, it is best to opt for Reactjs. 



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