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Want to Motorcycle? Here’s How to Get Started

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Motorcycles trigger a lot of feelings of nostalgic Americana. Most people at some time or another have fantasized about touring the country on a Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycle. The freedom of the road is very alluring and has been immortalized in classic movies and popular culture. If you want to live out this dream, you can certainly do so. Gaining the proper skills and equipment can take time, but with a little effort and money, you can live out your motorcycling vision. Below is what you need to do to get started.

Take a Rider Course

Riding a motorcycle is not like riding a bicycle. It’s not like driving a car either. It’s completely different in almost every way. Being able to operate a motorcycle safely requires an entirely different skill set. Don’t just buy a motorcycle and expect to get your license right away. Instead, you should enroll in a rider course to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. The one provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a good choice. Your local Harley Davidson or state office may also provide similar courses. Where your particular interest lies, whether in three wheel bikes, dirt bikes, or riding as a group, there should be a course to get you started.

Get Your License

Depending on the rules of your state, you might not have to take a riding test to get your license if you passed a riding course. However, even if you don’t have to take a riding test, you will still have to pass a written test to get your motorcycle operator’s license. Make sure to study thoroughly for the test. Passing the test isn’t only important for its own sake. You need to know these facts, laws and rules to safely operate a motorcycle. The test will consist of questions that get into the nitty gritty of motorcycle traffic. This will include laws about how you should handle train tracks, when you can move between cars, and how groups should ride together. Your motorcycling course should cover this information and help you practice for whatever tests you will need to take to get your license.

Consider the Legal Aspects of Operating a Motorcycle

Learning how to operate a motorcycle is only one part of it. It also has legal aspects as well. For example, if you end up in an accident, you could also end up in a lawsuit and need the services of a law firm, such as Drivon Turner & Waters PLC. There are many law firms that specialize in motorcycle traffic law and might be able to help you make your case in the best way possible. Be sure to wear the proper safety gear every time to go riding. You’ll keep other and yourself safe and if an accident does happen, you’ll be more able to defend yourself in court. As you take care of the rest of the rest of the requirements of motorcycle riding, find a law firm you can trust. Put their number in your phone and in your records, so you’ll be ready if disaster strikes.

Get Motorcycle Insurance

One way to protect yourself against the legal risks of riding is to get proper insurance coverage. Additionally, most states require proof of insurance before they will let you register your ride. There are multiple kinds of motorcycle insurance coverage. Liability coverage covers the medical bills of another person if you cause an accident. Collision coverage will pay for repair cost from an accident. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse repairs caused by natural disasters or other things you can’t control. Make sure to research the kinds of coverage available from different insurers so you are financially protected if something goes wrong on the road. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you do it can save your finances from ruin.

Buying and riding a motorcycle can be very exciting. However, also keep in mind that operating a motorcycle is a big responsibility. Take this responsibility seriously and do everything you need to prepare for going out on the road on your new motorcycle. Once you take the class, pass the test, get insurance, and lawyer up, you’ll be ready to explore the open road.

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