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10 Essential Tips To Maintain Your TV Set

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TV is one of the most significant investments you make and, hence it’s essential to maintain your TV set. Moreover, maintaining your TV will also save you the expenses of last-minute repairs besides increasing its lifespan.

Well, most of us often ignore the most ordinary things, such as switching off the TV before sleeping or keeping it dust-free. Sometimes, there might be issues with the voltage of the power supply that may give rise to spikes in electricity.

You can keep your television in good condition if you maintain it properly. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most essential tips to maintain your TV set.

 1. Turn off your TV when not in use

The average lifespan of television is 4-6 years. If you’re doing some other activity while watching the television, or when you forget to turn it off while sleeping, it tends to decrease the lifespan of your television. And maybe after some years, it might need some repairs. Therefore, you must switch off the television when it’s not in use.

 2. Use voltage regulator

You must be cautious of voltage spikes. Your electric appliances are more likely to get damaged due to voltage fluctuations. Such fluctuations occur when there are constant power cuts or when the power suddenly gets back.

Hence, use a voltage regulator to manage the voltage supply in case of electricity fluctuations. A voltage regulator will not only protect your television but other electronic appliances like air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, etc.

 3. Adjust the brightness 

Your television consumes more electricity when the display is too bright. Additionally, brightness also reduces the lifespan of your television as well as causes eye strain. So, keep the brightness of your television at an optimal level to increase its lifespan.

 4. Proper use of contrast 

Watching television on a high contrast level decreases its durability. Also, it will harm the picture quality besides putting a strain on your eyes. Therefore, it’s advisable to use appropriate contrast settings to safeguard your TV and eyes.

 5. Make sure there is enough ventilation 

All electronic appliances require heat when they are in use. Generally, television gets overheated and needs some area to ventilate that heat out. That is why you must make sure that there is a decent space for ventilation. Do not place your TV in confined areas which provide no room for ventilation, as overheating may harm the internal components of your TV.

 6. Keep it away from magnets & sharp objects

Sharp objects can temporarily or permanently damage your TV screen. Thus, it’s good to keep your screen from such sharp objects. Moreover, keep your screen away from magnets as the electronic devices comprise magnetic components, and bringing them close to magnets can spoil the materials. It can muddle up the colors displayed on the screen and magnetize the inside materials.

 7. Clean regularly

Clean your television regularly with good quality products. The accumulation of dust on the TV screen may impact the visibility. It’s recommended not to use water to clean your screen. Instead, use anti-static products that are safe to use.

 8. Prevent dust 

Dust particles can enter your TV with much ease and impact its health. It can enter inside your screen, causing it to function slower. You can use electronic vacuum pumps to prevent dust particles from entering your TV.

 9. Avoid low temperatures 

Avoid operating your television at low temperatures as cold temperatures create condensation that moves inside the essential components, resulting in unexpected damage. Thus, it’s recommended not to use your TV at low temperatures. Instead, switch it on at room temperature.

 10. Burn-in Prevention 

It’s surprising, but it is a crucial factor in the maintenance of your television. So, you must abstain from watching television for a prolonged period as it can overheat the internal components and cause burn-ins.

Bottom line

Maintaining your TV is the best way to avoid any glitch. It’s economical and will save you from hefty repairs. If you want your television to function normally, without any problems, make sure to follow these tips.

If still, you face any issues with your television or any other home appliance, you can reach out to the experts at 1coverall. They’ll provide you with the best of professionals who will assist you in keeping your flat screen in good working condition from the comfort of your home.

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