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How to Import Emails in MBOX Format to Outlook for Mac Account?

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Users often use MBOX-supported email clients due to their presence for the longest time. Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora Mail, Apple Mail, etc. uses the MBOX file format as their default one. Thus, the users are now fed up with the problems occurring with the MBOX files and thus, want to shift to Outlook 2016 to fulfill their purpose. Find out how to import MBOX to Outlook for Mac of any editions effortlessly.

Before going any further, read the below query,

“Hi, I have been using Apple Mail for the longest time, and thus have a large count of email data in MBOX format. I tried a different method to move the mailboxes to MS Outlook but eventually failed to complete the procedure. Could you please help me find a technique or any tool to import Mailboxes to Outlook for Mac? Any method is appreciated.”

In this article, we would provide the users with an automated solution to Import MBOX to Outlook for Mac 2016. Manual Methods don’t have 100% success rates, and therefore, we will give the users an effective method.

Overview & Reasons

Emailing has become the core of communication especially for work professionals, and therefore, users prefer using Outlook more than any other email client at this point in time. Issues with the MBOX file include the platform dependency of the file format, frequent corruption of the files, and many more.

And thus, because of all the problems listed above, the users want to switch to a different email client and most probably to Outlook 2016. Why Mac Outlook 2016? The Mac users prefer Outlook more because it acts as a personal manager, it maintains and organizes the contacts, calendars, journals, note-making, etc. Thus, the user doesn’t have to worry about the other stuff while using Outlook. Also, Outlook works best for work professionals, and because of its advanced features, users prefer using it.

On the other hand, MBOX is more of an older file format available, therefore, users want to Import MBOX to Outlook for Mac 2016. But the conversion process isn’t simple, the users need to have the technical knowledge and know the limitations of the Manual Method.

Expertise Technique to Import MBOX to Outlook for Mac

We have the best tool for the users to save their energy and time, they’ll be done with the procedure within a minute only. The tool MBOX Converter for Mac can effortlessly import multiple MBOX files to Mac Outlook 2016 without any delay and error. The application offers the users dual ways to upload the MBOX files in the application for conversion, either the user can go for the bulk conversion or they can opt for a selective one. The software is purely stand-alone, so the user does not need to install any other application for its installation. The tool is effective and reliable and delivers the output within a minute only.

The software comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI that enables novice users to operate the application without any external assistance. The wizard prevents data loss of the users and guarantees complete safety and security. The application provides 100% accurate results as soon as users load MBOX files into the software. The tool offers flexible functionality to choose the target location and file naming conventions. The application supports all the latest versions of Mac OS, 10.8 Mountain Lion & above. The tool provides free conversion of up to 25 MBOX files to Mac Outlook 2016 in its trial version.

The Steps to Import MBOX to Outlook for Mac 2016

Here are the simplified steps for all the users to import MBOX to Outlook for Mac 2016 or any other version. Carry out the following procedure.

  1. Start the software, MacXtra MBOX Converter on the Mac Machine.
  2. Then upload the MBOX files that the users wish to Import using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) option.
  3. Now select PST from the Select Saving List.
  4. Further, choose the destination location and file naming convention.
  5. Finally, press the Export button.

The user will receive notifications regarding the success of the procedure.

Get other software: Application to Import MBOX to Gmail Directly.

The Exotic Features of the MBOX Converter

Some of the major advantages listed: –

  • The tool produces precise results and works efficiently as soon as the user loads MBOX files.
  • The wizard prevents the loss of any data during the procedure and guarantees the same of its security.
  • The utility preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the process.
  • The application offers flexible features for the users to choose the destination location and file naming options.


The article gives the users the right technique to Import MBOX to Outlook for Mac 2016. MBOX is considered one of the oldest and obsolete file formats available. Therefore, the users want a more advanced and exotic email client for their communication. The tool can quickly convert MBOX files to Outlook within a minute. The wizard is 100% accurate and trusted, thus, the users don’t have to worry about it. The utility comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI. Thus, the users can operate it without any technical assistance.


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