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10 Features To Integrate When You Create a Dating App

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Dating applications have changed the entire scenario of the dating industry. People of different age groups have started using dating sites and apps to find potential dates, as it is much simpler than the classic approach of dating.

With the increasing trend of dating apps, various entrepreneurs and developers have jumped into the dating industry.

If you are also looking forward to creat a dating app, then look no further! Here, in this blog, we will provide some of the most amazing features in your dating application.

By integrating all these features in your dating application, you will be able to attract more users and increase ROI.

Features to Include in Dating Application in 2020

1. Quick & Safe User Onboarding Process

Safety is one of the most vital features of dating apps. In general, you should obtain user information along with protecting the data. Also, when you are asking for personal info such as marital status, age, and gender, it is crucial to keep that data secure. 

In short, the more information you obtain from the user, the higher the user experience should be. However, ensure that your app doesn’t terrify people. Keep some limits on the total amount of personal information users share. 

Log in/ Sign up with Facebook: This is one of the most primary features using which you can allow users to access the application instantly. By doing this, you will be able to get personal details about the users in just a click like a username & profile photo.

Photo Verification: Here, users have to upload a selfie to verify their profile. By doing this, you make sure that all the users of the application are genuine.

User profile View: These screens will display all the essential details about the user, such as username, location, education, and various photos.

2. Effective User-Interface

User-interface is the heart of the product. This is the only means by which users interact with your mobile application; therefore, you should ensure that your app has next-gen user-interface. Photos play a very important role in a dating app; hence, you should make sure that photos are displayed attractively and animatedly.

The majority of users like swipeable cards feature, hence you should include this in your dating app. By designing your app in a more user-friendly and effective way, more users will be attracted to it.

Moreover, select the primary colors of your dating app to display more romance and elegance to create a consistent design system. Also, make sure that all the design aspects are cut & clear, without representing a lot of things at the same time.

3. Geolocation

This feature helps to enhance engagement. Not all people love to date a person who is located in a faraway region. The best approach is to offer users the option to select a location or provide a date as per their region. 

But, this feature should not stop a user who frequently travels or just looks out to people to communicate. Hence, it would be best if you allowed users to choose location manually.

4. Matching

The primary goal of any dating app is to match people. In this age of technology, people love dating apps that are not only adaptable & convenient but also provide matches instantly.

Users don’t want to spend their time finding a date; instead, they would love to spend time chatting. They also hope that a dating app will ease their task. Here, a dating app should consider earlier user interactions and provide suggestions of people whom they would like to date.    

5. Chat- Text, Photo & Video Messaging & Calling

When you create a dating app, one of the features you shouldn’t forget to include is communication via different mediums. Here, a user can start a conversation after a potential match. 

Also, people love to communicate in different funny and effective ways. Therefore, you should provide options for sending photos, videos, GIFs, and much more. It would help if you allowed them the option of audio & video calling.

Another awesome thing you can provide to users is the conversation starters, as they will help users to begin a conversation with their date with ease.

6. Instant Push Notifications

Similar to any standard chat app, dating apps must offer push notification features to alert users about the latest & useful updates. This urges frequent returns and enables users to spend more time in your dating app. Here, you need to provide alerts about messages, likes, and new matches.

7. User Blocking & Reporting

Sometimes users are at risk of dealing with bad guys, scammers, perverted people who talk in abusive language and send raw images, ensuring that your dating app protects users from these people. 

To enhance authority, your dating app should offer features of blocking or reporting all these kinds of users. By doing this, you will possess an optimum quality user-base, creating an enjoyable and productive experience for all the people who access your dating app.

8. Social Media Integration

Enabling users to link different social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. with their profiles helps to improve engagement within the app. But, make sure that your app provides better security and privacy against any data leak.

9. Settings

Offering relevant choices is crucial for any dating app development, despite it resulting in more power to the users. Here, you should provide advanced filters to the users such as age, interests, location, gender, on/off push notifications, private messaging, and much more.

10. Reviews & Ratings after first date

Want to stand out of the competition, you should include a feature to review and rate after the first date. It will give a user insight about what their date considers them, whether the user wants to date that person again or not. 

Here, you can also provide suggestions about what people feel about the first date. Moreover, you can integrate some new-age features in this section. 


The above list consists of the primary features that you must include in your dating app by hook or cook. Take help from this post to fetch some of the features that you think will be useful in your dating app.

If you want to create a dating app and make it successful, you have to blend the above features with some new-age and creative features. In short, your application should make the dating experience of users more enjoyable, reliable, and secure.

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