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Wrong beliefs about the boarding school v/s the facts

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It is quite an evident fact that the boarding schools also known as residential schools have existed in human society for a long period. Wherein the students stay at the school campus away from their homes to study and learn various other skills of life. However, it’s the day boarding school which is more prevalent today and widely used medium of learning. And there are a lot of misconceptions that keep most of the students away from one of the oldest and proven places of learning, the residential schools. Where the students don’t only get to learn the bookish knowledge but also learn the lessons of life. Therefore to break the ice and clear-off the misconceptions, we have mentioned below a few wrong beliefs about the boarding school v/s the facts.

Wrong beliefs about the Boarding school environment

It’s the first wrong belief that the Boarding school environment is extremely strict and suffocating. A learning place where the students are closely watched and monitored. Where their every activity is censored and that they are restricted from amusements. And that they are not allowed to be involved in any fun activity. However, it’s not exactly what the people believe.

Although there are some rules and regulations at the residential school, the students are given freedom of choice in various aspects. It’s not that the school decides every aspect of the student’s life on the micro-level.

Though they put up a predefined activity schedule and day to day routine to be followed while being in the residential school campus, it must not be construed to be a freedom barrier. This is followed to avoid the negative effect that the student may develop if allowed to do and live the way they wish to. These boarding schools let their students take all their decisions gradually. To make them mature enough and make the right decisions and make positive choices on their own.

Additionally, it becomes more fun when you happen to live in the residential school among other fellow mates of the same age group. The kind of people who can have the same issues and concerns. The people who can understand you better, to whom you can share almost everything and develop a great connection and lifelong friendship. This friendship proves to be useful, especially during the periods of stress, for instance, during the exams. As they would be the one who would be going through the same things as you, and they will understand you and support you.

Wrong beliefs about the type of students who attend Boarding schools

It’s the second Wrong believes about the type of students who attend Boarding schools. They are thought to be troubled kids.

Whereas, the residential schools are the place of education for those who cannot get a quality education in their native place. Institutions where the students experience a supportive learning environment.

A place where the students get to become more independent and responsible. It’s the boarding school where you have to study and need to manage your day to day life like managing your laundry, arranging your room, taking care of your diet, and your other personal life aspects. As your parents would not be there to manage all these aspects of personal life, you will have to learn to do it by yourself. Thus you will learn to manage your personal life earlier than other students. It will make you more independent, responsible and mature and make it a lot easier for you to adapt to the later professional life.

Wrong beliefs about the parents who admit their kid in the Boarding school

It’s the third biggest wrong belief that the parents admit their kid in the boarding school, who wants to get rid of their parental responsibilities.

Whereas it’s the other way round, they choose the residential school for their child since they wanted to make sure that their child gets the best education possible. They want them to have a successful career and a bright future ahead.

The academic, as well as other learning environments at the residential school, encourages their students to study. This environment of learning encourages the students to study. Thus if you dream to have good grades in your boards and prepare for college entrance examinations further, then a boarding school is surely the right place for you.

Moreover, the residential school does not mean that the students staying there become emotionally distant from their parents and their family. As the students visit their home during the vacations and are allowed to call and remain connected to their parents and family members periodically. Thus although a boarding school provides a very intense academic experience, it’s not as we think about them and develop wrong beliefs about them.

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