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10 Smartphone Apps That Will Help You Sleep Better

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Today we have the answers and solutions for everything in the palm of our hand. If you need help with something, your smartphone has an app for it. There are apps to order food, call a cab, set up appointments, pay your bills, sell old stuff, and almost anything you can think of at this point. 

Within the spectrum, sleep problems are widespread; however, it’s amazing that you can now download certain apps to deal with them. You can skip seeing a pricey therapist and quit depending on pills to sleep soundly. Fortunately, we have gathered a bunch of innovative smartphone apps that can help analyze your sleep patterns and improve them over time.

But, in order to ensure that these apps track your sleep metrics effectively, you need an internet as sound as the sleep you crave. For that, we recommend connecting with Xfinity customer service and finding the right plan for your needs. So, if you’re not sleeping well for reasons unrelated to your chosen internet service, one or more of these apps can help:

1. SleepScore

If you don’t wake up refreshed after a night’s sleep, you need to look into your sleeping patterns. This app uses “sonar sensor technology” to analyze your breathing and body movements during sleep.

Data from SleepScore allows you to identify the different stages of sleep your body goes through and thereby understand your sleep quality. You will be more aware of your sleeping habits and recognize necessary lifestyle changes. 

2. BetterSleep

BetterSleep is an app that records the different sounds you make during slumber and utilizes them to explicate your sleeping routine. These sounds help categorize your sleep patterns on different days, so you know what stops you from falling into deep sleep.

You will get access to daily sleep statistics, and you can use these to determine a fruitful bedtime routine. Better sleep will eventually lead to better physical and mental health.

3. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is for people who want to figure out the best time to wake up and prevent interruption during deep sleep. It’s more of a smart alarm clock that wakes you up during the lighter stage of sleep, so you’re not abruptly forced out of deep sleep.

The app also equips you with insightful details, such as how often you change positions during sleep and how long it usually takes you to fall asleep after going to bed.

4. Pillow

Pillow is a sleeping aid app specifically designed for individuals suffering from sleep apnea. If you wake up multiple times during the night, it could be the result of an underlying respiratory issue. This smartphone application detects abnormal breathing patterns and snoring while you sleep. It also monitors heart rate and provides graphs to display your sleeping patterns. 

5. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is an app that helps users wake up serenely and sustainably. When you’re jolted out of deep sleep by the shrilling sound of an alarm clock, you wake up exhausted and feel fatigued the entire day.

With this app, you can get out of bed at a time when you’re in a light sleep mode, so the rest of the day is much more bearable and productive. The app promotes natural awakening over an imposed and unsettling wake-up call. 

6. Dream Dictionary

If you’re mainly concerned about your dreams rather than the quality of sleep, Dream Dictionary is the app for you. For most of us, dreams get hazy shortly after waking up and it’s commonplace to forget them entirely as well.

Writing down any details you remember from the dream can help you uncover the whole picture. Dream Dictionary is an app that allows you to evaluate these dreams and understand what they mean.

7. SnoreLab

If your family members or partner is constantly complaining about your loud snoring, download SnoreLab and find out the truth. This app will record your snoring so you can hear it for yourself when you’re awake. In addition, SnoreLab devises appropriate solutions to get rid of your snoring problem. It can help identify factors that are causing the snoring and possibly disrupting your sleep, and recommend solutions for it from its existing catalog of remedies. 

8. Relax Melodies

If you lay awake for hours tossing and turning in bed, it’s probably because of an occupied mind or stress. Sometimes the softest mattress and pillows don’t help, but relaxing melodies can do the trick. The free version of Relax Melodies gives access to ample sounds and meditation exercises that can help ease your mind and induce a deep restful sleep.

9. Pzizz

Pzizz is a sleep app that uses voice coaching in combination with soothing sounds to help you relax and sleep better. The developers of the app claim that the app helps improve sleep through the integration of ‘psychoacoustics’, which includes sounds tailored to accommodate different stages of sleep.

10. Slumber

This app promises to improve your sleep through science-backed procedures, which include but are not limited to breathing exercises, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), and guided imagery. Slumber also contains musical soundtracks, sound effects, and stories that help stimulate sleepiness.

Winding Up

Move on from a hectic day to an invigorating slumber at night with the help of these top-rated sleeping apps. Try a few that appeal to you and give them time to take effect. Have faith in the technology and wake up rejuvenated.

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