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5 Ideas For Building A Healthy Self-Image

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Many people often feel dissatisfied with their bodies and looks. However, the solution to building self-confidence through a healthy self-image doesn’t lie in botox and plastic surgery. You can build a healthier self-image with a few simple, everyday steps. Why is it important for us to look and feel beautiful? Well, when we have a positive self-image, we are more confident and we’re able to advance more in life and career as well with a confident attitude rather than when feeling insecure. Read on to learn how to build a healthy self-image with some simple tips and tricks. 

Mind your posture

When talking about some ways to improve your look beyond fashion, minding your posture would definitely be number one on the list. Having a proper posture is healthier and better for your body anyways, but it also affects how other people perceive you. Standing up straight promotes taller, thinner and more confident appearance. On the other hand, when we’re slouched all the time, other people can perceive us as angry and unfriendly. However, many people have a problem with their posture due to their sedentary job, but you can take control of your posture. To sit and stand straight, you’ll need to move your head over your shoulders, line up your ears, shoulders and hips; pull your belly in and slightly curve your lower back. At first, you’ll have to remind yourself constantly to follow the steps, but eventually, in time, it will become natural for you. 

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Take care of your skin

The skin is our biggest organ and as such, it is the first to display any health issues we’re experiencing. These issues are related to our diet, hygiene and skincare routine. First of all, healthy and radiant skin is an important step to a healthy self-image. That’s why you should mind what you eat. Recent studies have shown that people who consume more fruits and veggies have a better skin tone than people who hardly ever eat them. Fruits and veggies with all their numerous benefits are also and a powerful tool against aging. Besides fruits and veggies, other things such as collagen, green tea and fish oil have been proven to give our skin a much needed visual boost. 

Smile more

Every outfit you wear is completed with a simple, free thing: a smile. You should always try to pull a smile, even when you’re feeling under the weather as researchers have found that even a fake smile can boost happiness, decrease stress levels and relieve pain. All reasons strong enough to start smiling on a regular basis! However, even if it sounds easy, it’s not. Many people have a problem with their confidence because of the bad condition of their teeth. Few people in the world are lucky enough to have perfect teeth. Nevertheless, such a problem is solvable by dental centers such as Oceanic Dental Lab, which offer many orthodontic appliances and retainers whose aim is to bring about that perfect smile.  Consider it as an investment in your confidence and healthy self-image.  

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Unplug every once in a while

We need to unplug every once in a while. We’re constantly staring at our screens, even when we’re not working. This disables us from connecting and communicating with the people around us. Eye contact is a powerful tool as well as an essential non-verbal form of communication. When you maintain eye contact while talking to people, you will be perceived as more attractive, trustworthy and emotionally stable. Eye contact is also an effective tool for persuasion. In the era when we’re all screen-bound, it is a rare thing to see someone not staring at their phone. It has become a truly unique and scarce characteristic. Being present at every moment is considered to be a feature that makes you attractive and appealing to others. So, work on your eye contact and improve your self-image.

Start exercising

If you haven’t been doing any kinds of physical activities yet, it’s high time you started. Physical activity can include going to the gym, aerobics class, spinning class, power walking, jogging, cycling and even taking the stairs. When we exercise, we feel more attractive and better about ourselves. It has a direct impact on our self-confidence, which usually rises as we follow through with regular exercise. Exercising also releases endorphins, which improve your mood. 

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By making a few simple modifications in your lifestyle, you can transform yourself into a person who aspires confidence as well as a positive self-image, a person who people admire and look up to. 



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