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4 Steps to Take if You Have Been Seriously Injured and Are Recovering

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Car accidents, workplace accidents or slips and falls cause many serious injuries. You cannot do everything on your own while recovering at home or in a hospital. Learn these 4 steps to take after you’ve been seriously injured and you’re still recovering.

Continue Treatment

Continue to visit the doctor and receive regular treatments. Consider physical therapy for serious symptoms from being injured that last more than a year. Physical therapy can prevent long-term, permanent damages from an accident. Even your doctor doesn’t immediately proscribe physical therapy, it can be helpful for preventing future pain. This is why it can be very important to have a record of previous injuries, as this can help your physical therapist know how best to treat you. Set aside a room in the house or make a daily trip to the gym so you have the space to do your exercise. Even if you are experiencing pain, go to your appointments and continue your exercises. Doing the work will help your doctors adjust your treatment in the ways you need.

As the case is ongoing, the court requires documented evidence of changes in your physical state. The insurance company may obtain your medical records without having to ask permission. If you stop treatment and allow the injuries to worsen, you risk having the case become invalid.

Follow Up with the Claim

Right after an accident, you should have filed a claim with the insurance company. Follow up with this claim by contacting the assigned agent at least once a week. Do this in case the claim is denied and you need to appeal the decision immediately.

Calling an insurance company, as they should look after you but might not, can be really stressful.  This is especially true if some technicality or unusual problem catches your claim. Be persistent and ask for clarification if you are confused. If you have trouble making phone calls, set a specific time each week and get yourself a treat after calling. Reward yourself even for small things that can be difficult for you.

Consult with a Lawyer

Find a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law, the area that handles the legal complications of car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, etc. As the physical therapist helps you to recover, the personal injury attorney keeps fighting for your rights in court. Even if your insurance seems ready to pay out or if the place where you were injured will compensate you, a lawyer can walk you through the process and help you if there are problems.

The lawyer is working on your side, not like the insurance companies that want to pay the least amount of funds to their clients. They will keep you updated on any progress made, such as new evidence from the plaintiff or defendant, that could affect your recovery. Ask this professional for legal counsel whenever you have questions or concerns.

Collect Damages

During your recovery, you should be receiving some sort of damages. A workers’ compensation claim covers lost wages and medical bills that are the results of an accident on the job. The date when you receive the funds will occur several weeks after filing. Continue following up with the claim every week. It’s important that you receive the right amount of money and on time. Again, a lawyer can help you if they don’t pay on time or if you face similar problems.

After a serious accident, your emotional and financial well-being depends on the steps that you take during the recovery phase. Follow up on claims with insurance providers, keep in contact with your personal injury lawyer and remain positive about the outcome of your case. The more persistent you are, the more likely the results will be in your favor. That also goes for healing and recovery. Sticking with the plan your doctor gives you, giving yourself ample time to recover, and staying consistent with your physical therapy program will help you recover as smoothly as possible. Your recovery process can be rocky, but with grit and persistence, you can make your way through the struggle of being injured.

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