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5 Reasons why wooden puzzles are good for the brain

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The most intricate and fascinating bodily organ we have is the human brain. Imagine that billions of neurons collaborate every minute to process ordinary ideas or emotions. Parents should be able to promote their children’s healthy development by giving them lots of chances for play and discovery because children’s brains are naturally prepared for learning. A smart strategy is to let children solve puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles like wooden art puzzles and maps puzzles are an excellent option for your brain as well as your child’s, according to several studies. 

A child’s early years are crucial to their development. This is a time of fast brain growth, and a child’s experiences have a significant impact on how their brain develops to learn and achieve in the future. 

In one study, researchers discovered that parent-child puzzle play aided kids’ development of spatial language. It also enhances memory and IQ, among other things.  

The major justifications for allowing your child to play with jigsaw puzzles like wooden art puzzles and maps puzzles are listed below. The following are the top five advantages of jigsaw puzzles for the brain:

Top 5 advantages of solving jigsaw puzzles for the brain: 

  • Solving puzzles raises IQ: 

Puzzles increase IQ. Have you ever questioned why some individuals take such pride in their IQs?  

A person’s intellect may be estimated using their IQ, or intelligence quotient. Generally speaking, a higher IQ score indicates better levels of cognitive ability. 

Let’s imagine you want your child to have an IQ of between 130 and 144 and that their average IQ is 90. If your child does puzzles regularly, it could potentially help him get there. He just needed to spend 25 minutes a day solving puzzles to increase his IQ by four points, according to one study. 

This is due to Jigsaw, which trains the brain’s information processing abilities by requiring players to recall various shapes and forms to identify the complete picture in order to complete puzzles. Isn’t that wonderful?  

Imagine having the capacity to gain 4 IQ points each day. The average IQ of the greatest geniuses in history is 160. 

  • Logic games train your brain: 

The brain separates into two with billions of neurons and trillions of connections. 

which includes both the left and right hemispheres. The functions of each brain region are distinct. The right brain generates the majority of our creativity, while the left brain is in charge of logical abilities. Puzzle-solving encourages communication between the two hemispheres. 

When you and your child do puzzles, the right brain has already seen the big picture of the puzzle box, while the logical left brain is excited by problem-solving. The exchange of neural connections between the two hemispheres improves a person’s capacity for learning, understanding, and memory. Jigsaw puzzles will keep you occupied and stimulate your brain for hours because they require hand-eye coordination and the activity of billions of neurons.

  • Puzzles help with memory: 

Short-term memory is greatly improved by puzzles. When you finish a jigsaw puzzle, your brain analyses the matching shapes and colors and briefly saves the image guide in memory. With this memory, you may begin assembling puzzle parts right now. as long as the mind can still recall how the puzzle appears when it is finished.  

You can hone your short-term memory and boost your memory by doing jigsaw puzzles on a regular basis. 

  • Slow dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with the help of puzzles: 

 Alzheimer’s and delayed dementia could be possible with the help of puzzles. What if you ever forget the name of someone you care about? As frightening as it may sound, an estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, according to research, someone in the US contracts the illness every 65 seconds.  

Time cannot be stopped, so you cannot halt aging. The good news is that doing jigsaw puzzles helps delay the onset of common illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s in elderly persons. Jigsaw puzzles are among the finest brain workouts to keep your brain active, according to a medical study. You may increase your memory, logic, and information processing speed in a single puzzle session. 

  • Puzzles help you unwind:  

Adults who are less stressed may manage their duties and stress. But stress itself need not be harmful. It’s how the body and mind process both positive and negative experiences in life. Too much of anything, though, may be harmful to your health. Jigsaw puzzles can be used as a stress reliever. According to studies, solving jigsaw puzzles helps divert your attention. It helps you to focus only on completing puzzles and clears your mind of all negative thoughts.  

Your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that controls mood and emotions when you complete a puzzle. It’s essentially a pleasant hormone that encourages you to solve puzzles and makes you feel good when you succeed. 


As Your child’s hands seize puzzle pieces and attempt to assemble them firmly. And when your youngster identifies and assembles the missing pieces, you might worry.  

But after a few months of practice, you and your child will be able to solve not only the same puzzles quickly but also additional puzzles that are just like them. You might ask us, “What could be the reason and why?” 

because while they attempt to solve the puzzle, your brain and your child’s brain are undergoing constant change. Jigsaw puzzles are well-liked educational and parenting tools that appear to be straightforward. To make a whole picture, you only need to put the pieces together.  

Jigsaw puzzles, however, are excellent learning tools that teach young people many crucial life skills, as we saw above, despite their seeming simplicity.  

At the very beginning, we learned that this teaching instrument for brain growth has five useful advantages, and we hope you’ll start solving puzzles and find this useful. 

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