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6 Eco-Friendly Must-See Travel Destinations

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Environmental awareness is really spreading around the globe. Many tourists are now paying attention to how they travel, where they go and what type of accommodation they are choosing.

Eco-friendly holidays are huge now, making even renowned hotel chains and resorts to compete in what to offer to tourists who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

If you are planning an eco-friendly holiday, here are destinations you simply have to see at one point.

1. The Alps, Switzerland

Alps travel

Switzerland ended on top in 2018 according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), especially thanks to its performance regarding climate, energy and air pollution.

The Swiss Alps offer backdrops of tranquil lakes, lovely mountain villages, medieval towns, and luxury ski resorts. As a bonus, the country has been named at some point the “world’s happiest country”.

So, you should definitely try Whitepod, an eco-luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps. The pods there have a minimal environmental impact and are made from a self-supporting framework. That way, the use of building materials is down to a minimum. Each of the pods has its wood stove, which is run on the local wood. The LED lighting is in all of the pods, while local spring water is used instead of bottled water. There are even water-saving devices installed on showers and taps.

2. Eco-lodges in Belize


Even Leonardo DiCaprio is building an eco-lodge in Belize. The area is filled with the, while almost 40% of the country is protected by law. Sustainable development is the goal of the Belize government.

The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is a World Heritage Site, while the Blue Hole offers one of the best diving spots in the world. Another great area to explore is the Maya ruins of Caracol nearby.

Lovely eco-friendly accommodation in Belize is definitely Itz’ana Resort & Residences in the beach town of Placencia in the south. The tropical resort has carbon-neutral villas and an organic farm from where all the food is brought directly to your table, while in the vicinity, there’s a jaguar reserve.

3. Hayman Island, Australia

Australia travel

This tropical paradise is one of the most beloved Australian tourist destinations which also offers eco-friendly accommodation. The Great Barrier Reef is close by, so get the chance to see it from the air or by boat. You can also sail a catamaran or relax playing golf or get a floating massage. This lovely eco-friendly destination is easily reachable by Air Charter Network from Brisbane.

The InterContinental Hayman Island Resort is an eco-friendly resort that offers all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, while top chefs are taking care of the organic menu.

4. Song Saa private island, Cambodia


The resort’s owners were inspired by Cambodia and sustainable development, giving the country its first marine reserve, while also building a community-sustained solid waste management center. The owners also launched a foundation that promotes projects improving the wellbeing of the natural environment of the area.

The resort boasts with 9 overwater villas, 18 garden and beach villas and luxury that is difficult to be found anywhere in Cambodia. The all-inclusive service amazes with the exclusive menu, while the resort also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

5. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji


Fiji attracts thousands of tourists with its pearl beaches and out-of-this-world natural beauty. There are several eco-friendly resorts and hotels, but maybe the most interesting one is Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Named by world-famous conservationist and explorer, this resort is filled with green credentials that give the opportunity for a sustainable travel experience. Pineapples, coconuts, mangos and guava are all grown in its organic garden through sustainable agricultural practices. There’s even an educational program for the kids to teach them about the importance of nature. The whole resort uses low-energy light bulbs and local wood. You will also never get to see farmed fish on the menu.

6. Borgo Pignano, Tuscany, Italy


Tuscan tranquility with its rolling hills, beautiful vineyards and splendid wine – what more to ask for on a holiday? If you add an eco-friendly accommodation to it, you have yourself a perfect vacation.

Borgo Pignano, an 18th-century villa restored to serve as accommodation for eco-tourists blends perfectly into the landscape.  Reclaimed and locally-sourced materials were used to restore the villa, while environmentally-friendly products and items can be seen throughout the whole hotel. Even products for cleaning and packaging are recycled goods.  Heating and hot water systems are solar-based, while innovative farming techniques are used to improve the soil, minimizing the need for irrigation, thus conserving water.

All in all

Eco-friendly tourism and sustainable development have become intertwined. Now more than ever, it is important to take care of nature while simultaneously developing tourism in beautiful, wild areas and regions. Reducing carbon footprint is the responsibility of every person and of every tourist business-facility. Explore your options, enjoy the natural beauties and be responsible to the planet at all times.



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