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6 Health Concerns Men Should Look out for as They Age

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As we get older, our health generally requires more attention and care. For men, areas of concern involve several key aspects of physical well-being. While many, if not most, health problems can affect all people, regardless of gender, some issues can exclusively affect men. Knowing what these health concerns can be ahead of time can save you trouble in the future. Five essential bodily functions in particular should be evaluated periodically and supported during the senior years.


Many men begin to experience prostate issues that can often affect their urological tract. Some need to use the bathroom more while others go less often. Any change of urinary pattern should be assessed by the doctor. Beginning in midlife, men should get a prostate exam regularly. This will check if the organ is working properly and not growing cancer cells. A qualified medical center typically offers this type of screening and recommendations for follow-up treatment if needed. While there is no guarantee you can prevent prostate cancer, exercise and diets high in vegetables can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and might assist in preventing cancer from developing.


As you get older, the amount of hormones your body produces will drop. For men this means a decrease in testosterone. While this is a natural part of growing older, it can have a few adverse effects on your health, including reduced muscle tone, increased mood swings and/or depression, lower your sex drive, as well as other health concerns. The exact developments can vary wildly from person to person. However, if you find yourself with any of these symptoms, it would be worth considering testosterone replacement therapy. Consult with a health care facility, such as Numale Medical Center, to see if this kind of treatment would be right for you.


Everyone, but especially men who are physically active and drive a vehicle frequently, should get routine vision exams every year or two as they get older. An ophthalmologist can evaluate vision as well as eye problems like cataracts or glaucoma. Treatment can then be prescribed to protect and preserve a man’s vision before it significantly deteriorates. You might just need reading glasses or a new prescription, but it is possible that you will need to radically change your approach to eye care. Regular check-ups will help you keep ahead of the curve.


Medical guidelines generally suggest that most people should get a colonoscopy by age 45 if there is a family history of colon cancer or a personal history of polyps. Otherwise, some patients can wait until age 50 for the first colonoscopy. Men who pass blood with their stools or show other possible symptoms should talk to their doctor about screening and treatment. Stomach ulcers and swallowing difficulties should also be checked for appropriate medical responses, such as medication, therapy, or surgery.


There are two kids of cholesterol low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density Lipoprotein (HDL). HDL is essential to the body for constructing cell walls, to make digestive acids, and more. However, high cholesterol can eventually clog a man’s arteries and veins and possibly lead to a stroke or heart attack. Medications are available to help reduce or control cholesterol levels, and these should be discussed with the doctor after blood tests are performed to measure LDL and HDL levels. Many foods actively reduce your cholesterol levels, including oats, beans, eggplant, and citrus fruits.

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Heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the U.S. for several years. It also affects people in other parts of the world. Some medical studies report that men have more heart attacks than women. However, women’s heart attacks are reportedly more often fatal. Men can consult their doctors about a healthy eating plan and safe exercise to help them get in shape and keep their heart strong.

Men are subject to many illnesses and diseases, including cancer, Type II diabetes, and others as they approach their golden years. Annual medical checkups, recommended screenings, and relevant treatments can help to manage conditions like those. This can enable men to enjoy a long and healthy quality of life. You cannot prevent everything, but keeping track will help you have peace of mind and happiness, whatever health concerns life throws at you.

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