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A smart solution to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard

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Sometimes people may want to create and manage more than one website, for different reasons. For example –

  • Business owners who own multiple products or services may want to create separate websites for each of the product or service, to promote and spread information about each in a more targeted way;
  • Creative individuals may want to maintain two or more different websites to blog or talk about their different interests that come under different categories, like – food or music (casual) and work-related posts;
  • Web professionals like website developers, designers, and content managers, who are making multiple websites for different clients at a given time, could use an easy solution to do regular updates and enhancement of features and content of the site(s), and track them all with ease.

If you belong to any of the above categories, you may not want to choose a website management platform that provides the facility to create only one website using a single account, as it would get struggle some to update multiple websites individually for – content, visual images, coding edits or adding technical features, SEO management and so on by signing in and out of different accounts.

Also, once a website is designed, built and made ‘live’ – that is, published on the internet, the job is not really over, yet. The website owner or developer is required to regularly update the site – edit the content to include any updates or add new information related to the business’s product or service, or any information related to the web page’s content. Unwanted or old content also has to be deleted if it is not applicable anymore.

Businesses or organizations that have created official websites for their business are required to regularly update their website after launching it because the world wide web is constantly changing and fast-moving, so to keep up with its developments, a website, especially a professional business site, needs to be dynamic, flexible and easily manageable.

Some successful businesses also own different products or services; while some of these businesses have a single website for all their products or services, some others own various different websites for each of their different products or services, to give special attention and spread information about each, individually.

This depends on the business owner and how they would want to structure their business, products, and services online. But in case they choose to create multiple websites, managing each website becomes a necessity, as a huge part of the brand or organization’s business depends on the online success of each of these individual websites too.

This is where multiple website management systems come in. There are many advantages to using a multiple website builder software, and the main one, obviously and as the name suggests, is that it allows you to create and manage multiple websites simultaneously.

By implementing multiple website management platforms, you can easily create different websites and manage and track the edits and updates from one account, in an organized way. You will find that many of these web management systems also have tools for tracking edits and updates done, along with the date, time, etc. Such an option is much more cost and time effective and is hence your smartest solution for managing multiple websites.

With this kind of builder software, business owners can create and manage as many websites as they want to, log in from a single account; and individuals who would like to create different websites for multiple interests like – food, travel, music, and so on, can easily do so without the necessity and hassle of having to create several accounts, with separate mail IDs and passwords for each. Isn’t that liberating?

Now, most people these days use smartphones and tablets a lot more than desktop and laptop computers. So, while this software can be downloaded and used on desktop or laptop screens, what makes this software more advantageous and feasible to use is that most of the website management systems, like for example – PageWyze, also have mobile app versions which can be installed on smartphones and tablets (for both Android and iOS), using which you can easily manage multiple updates on the go, from any location (with internet), after signing in from the same account.

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