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10 Most Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Developing a unique website is not just an option. It’s the requirement for an organization in this competitive environment. If a business has developed a poor website, it can badly impact its business. It can be a reason to lose clients. In 2019, it happened on a large frequency. So, we have need to avoid most common web design mistakes in 2020.  

 Numerous entrepreneurs plan their site to set aside their expenditure and they want to get more control over the project. These organizations are unable to understand the ideas of good website architecture.

In 2020, your website can be a reason for the making or fail of your business. Your website composition will represent the deciding moment of your organization’s objectives. Website designing is like an art and provides the experience to the audience of your website. It is the combination of form and function that can make a website interesting and enjoyable. It can be done by avoiding some mistakes and following some rules.

Top 10 common web design mistakes that are to be avoided by web developers are as following:

Mistake 1: No Customization of Free Templates and Themes 

Choosing a theme to represent your business is one of the main points which is to be at the top priority. It’s the responsibility of your web designer to customize a selected theme. When a designer chooses “drag-and-drop” website builders, such as Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly, they are limited in terms of their functionality.

Mistake 2: Using Bad Images 

While choosing an image, the designer must select the image which is relevant to the topic with good quality. Selecting uninteresting or irrelevant images may cause reducing web traffic. Good images can depict a good message to the visitor. It can provide a lot of meaning very effectively. 

The quality of the selected image must be good which can include compression, the resized image with a good ratio. The pixel must be according to the selected ratio.

Mistake 3:  Excessive Information 

It has been seen that on some websites, lots of information is provided in a very small space. Even business owners want to illuminate their scope of items and services, their vision and strategy, information about their team and abilities in a go as they would prefer not to pass up on an opportunity to show their capabilities to the visitors. 

According to research, a visitor just takes 0.9 seconds to make his view about the site. If he is unable to find useful information in such a short time, he starts checking another site.

According to Nielsen Norman Group, only 16% of users read the content but 79% of users scan the website. It is the best approach of using scanned text, heading, bullets, and only just a single paragraph on the website.

Mistake 4: Non-Responsive Design 

In the world of mobiles, a 40% search is conducted only on Smartphones. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of a web designer to develop a website that is properly displayed on all devices whether it is mobile or laptops. 

These days, Google has started penalizing those sites, who are not properly displayed and are non-responsive. Now it is necessary to develop a responsive website. The following measures should be considered while developing a website:

  • You must use an appropriate screen icon size that can suit multiple devices.
  • A plan for negative space should be created.
  • There must be a function of testing third-party codes as including APIs can also increase the load time of the site.

As indicated by Google, the site with increased load time can have a higher bounce rate. According to some tech-monsters, a site should take only 3 seconds in loading. It will help in an increase in web traffic on that site.

Mistake 5: No Clear Message on Website

Sometimes, it has been found that sites do not have a clear message of their business. It can be risky as it can confuse the visitors. So, a clear message can help the visitors to understand the vision of the organization, otherwise, visitors will switch to another site.

Using a single tagline which is located in the header can make visitors understand their vision.

Mistake 6: Lack of Analytics to Measure Performance 

This is the main mistake that web designers do when they do not use the analytics tool to measure performance. According to research, 75% of small businesses do not use analytics tools. It can be avoided by using an analytic tool that can measure the success of your site.

Mistake 7: Decisions That are not according to SEO 

Many things can impact site performance. These include using navigation, menus, page names, and images labeled. Sometimes, designers use images to make a better look but it can hurt the SEO performance.

The content must be relevant to the business. It can help in increasing SEO performance. The large images can make a website slower. Therefore, designers must avoid this. It must also keep in mind that using images can make a website look good and can help in staying visitors on the site. Many options in SEO can improve the performance of a site.

Mistake 8: Not Considering Important Browsers 

A web user usually does not know how a browser can make a difference with others in terms of rendering a web page. Sometimes, a website does not display correctly on one browser but it displays correctly on another browser. Therefore, the designer must keep in mind the rendering of the website on every browser.

Mistake 9: Not Regularly Updating Your Site  

The updates of Content management systems (CMSs), plugin developers, and other technologies are released regularly. This can help in avoiding cyber threats. You must never ignore these updates while designing a website. It will help in keeping a site secured.

A site must be SSL secured and must be careful about passwords and admin access.

Mistake 10: Missing Contact Information or Unable to Find or Access

It has been found that 64% of visitors need to see the organization’s contact details whereas, and 44% of users do not check these details. Users shift to another site when they do not find any such details on the home page. 

The user experience on your site ought to be the start of the conversation and it will help in enhancing the trust of the user. The absence of contact details will result in a loss of opportunity.

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At last, it can be concluded that by avoiding mistakes in web designing, an organization can increase its opportunity. It can help in gaining a customer’s trust and will help in increasing the web traffic.



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