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All in One: Be The No. 1 Amazon Seller with Custom Amazon Seller Tool

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Fruitful Amazon sellers utilize an arrangement of great Amazon seller tools to drive deals and work productively. Your Amazon seller account gives essential tools to oversee items and requests, however, most sellers rapidly understand that to develop on Amazon, obviously, better arrangements are required. That is the place outsider Amazon vendor tools can help. But how many tools you will buy? Because readymade tools provide one functionally only. Heres you need custom Amazon seller application. Currently, in the market, there are so many tools available for Faster Payouts, Price Management, Keyword, Product Research, & Profit Calculators, Product Listing & Inventory Management, Order & Shipping Management, Accounting & Expense Management and  Review & Feedback Management individually. Kanhasoft is the top software development company available for developing the custom Amazon seller tool.

Key Features of Custom Amazon Seller Application

  1. Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking

Utilizing an Amazon keyword rank tracker is fundamental on the off chance that you need to contend on Amazon. You have to continually know where your listings rank for their most vital keywords, with the goal that you can make focused on move to keep up and enhance them. We as a whole know high rankings on Amazon are the way to out of this world sales and benefits.

With the custom Amazon Rank Tracking Tool, we remove the issue from it for you. No more spreadsheets, not any more manual seeking. Our product checks your rankings numerous times each day, so you’re generally one stage ahead.

  1. Competitor or Best Amazon Seller Tracking

The Amazon sales rank or Best Seller rank (BSR) causes a vendor to decide the sales execution of a specific item inside a specific classification. Evaluated on a ringer bend, each Amazon item has a numerical sales ranking where bring down numbers are more productive. The objective of any Amazon merchant is to source high ranking items and get them at as low a cost as conceivable to pitch to their client base at as high a cost as conceivable keeping in mind the end goal to make the benefit.

  1.  Amazon Order Management

Amazon order management incorporates the tools and procedures accessible to enable you to manage clients who have made a buy from you, including shipping their thing. It is essential to deal with this piece of your Amazon account painstakingly. In the event that you don’t affirm you have transported an order inside 30-days, for instance, Amazon will drop it and you won’t get any cash. This applies regardless of whether you have dispatched the things.

And also seeing a rundown of orders and particular order subtle elements, you can download order reports from the Manage Orders tool in Amazon. There are additionally seek and separating alternatives to enable you to locate the particular order you are searching for. For instance, you can filter all unshipped orders.

  1.  Amazon Inventory Management

To prevail on Amazon, you should have a sorted out inventory system. Amazon will rank the posting with which inventory is more sufficient to the front. In the event that you are entering the Amazon market, you should know about these inventory issues that you will undoubtedly confront:

  • Expanded order volume, which makes manual procedures awkward
  • Snappier consumption of inventory
  • The higher volume of orders will mean more mind-boggling techniques for satisfaction

Poor execution will bring about account suspension by Amazon. At last, the open door expenses of misused inventory are very colossal. Customers on Amazon expect 100% accessibility and in addition quick conveyance. You should give these two basic components; generally, the customers will get another vendor who can satisfy their desires. You require a far-reaching Amazon inventory management system that guarantees you don’t lose any business.

  1. Amazon Refund Tracker

In the event that you have been offering on Amazon for quite a while, at that point, there are chances that Amazon owes you cash, here and there in millions for huge dealers. These are your cash which Amazon has charged or have not discounted in the event of missing things, erroneous orders and mistaken expenses charges. Our tool filters your installments and orders reports for the most recent year and a half to check for past discounts that are conceivable to be repaid and afterward constantly checks each week for the same. This information is then pleasantly spread out with each record demonstrating clear reason regarding why it is the conceivable repayment list. System likewise gives you a suggestive substance which you can enter while making a case from your Amazon account.

  1. Amazon Feedback Review Tracker

Get notified with moment notices of negative feedback and even observe the buyer and the order points of interest for which you get the low-star remarks. You can include or select various ASINs for which system should track the negative audits. The system will send you a notice in as continuous as conceivable when another negative remark is put by any buyer. Furthermore, inside a couple of hours, you will likewise observe subtle elements of which buyer left that remark. Specifically, contact the buyer to request their disappointment by means of the system created by Amazon MWS API developer.

Kanhasoft has completed plenty of projects on custom Amazon seller software development. Contact us about your project!

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