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Best Ironing Guide to Make Dress Crease-Free

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Ironing might be a tiring job, but it has to be done to keep our clothes looking clean and presentable. The good news is that there are a few useful ways to make this most dreaded domestic chores faster and easier.

We can all iron our clothes but do we all do it right? There are so many errors we make in the course of this mission. From incorrect temperatures to poor methods, you never know when your iron is really damaging your dress.

You’re probably wondering, “How hard can ironing be?Switch on the iron, push and repeat, open the ironing board. Okay? Okay, we’ll let you inside a secret — it’s very difficult to iron. It may become elastic, slow, distracting, repetitive and professional. It takes a lot of ability to do it right and make it right, so that’s the last thing most people want to do in their spare time.

In fact, most people have at least one ironing horror story. You remember, the time they ruined their favorite sweater, their sister’s dress, their grandma’s hand-knit blanket. And over the years, the Social Iron team has learned about all manner about DIY disasters. Burns, scratches, warping, burning, creasing — everything is everything! We can no longer stand by and let it happen.

You can iron your clothes in the right way with those expert tips. With those useful tips, go ironing like a pro.

Using vinegar to clear the burn stains from clothes

Did you burn your iron dress? This isn’t the end of the planet. Dip the clean cloth in the vinegar and wash it with the stains. To end, rinse it with cold water.

Boil the water that you use for ironing

If you live in a hard water place, boil the water before using it. Strong water is going to block your iron. It can lead to incorrect iron and can even permanently damage the iron.

Turn the clothes inside out and smooth out the decorative areas.

Do not place the iron directly over the buttons or the sequins. Then, turn your clothes inside out to prevent the fine decorations from being ruined.

Iron in the correct order.

Also start in the outside. Start with the collar, then the cuffs, and then iron your shirt in. Ironing can make the cycle less difficult in order.

Using bobby pins to protect your pleats.

When you’re ironing a folded top, use the bobby pins to secure the folds in place. This is going to free your hand from iron, while bobby pins are holding the pleats in place.

Iron only on one side of it.

If your clothes look all right with just one side of the iron, don’t bother to iron the other side at all. Save time, and save energy as well.

Create a spray of DIY ironing.

Pair the same pieces of vinegar with water. Spritz it in places with poor creases. Then just figure it out.

Don’t iron under a dull sun.

Imagine spending an hour ironing only to discover that your jeans already have creases. Why let your hard work go in vain? Don’t want to iron your clothes in a room that’s not well lit. Put your ironing board in the best-lit room.

Place an aluminum foil on your ironing board.

Line the ironing board with aluminum foil. Aluminum is a good heat conductor. This ensures that the heat from the iron will move on to the foil and the iron on the other side of your dress. Try it for the best results!

Don’t put on dirty clothes.

Once your iron is on your dirty clothes, the stains will become durable. They’re unlikely to get out of here. The heat is going to make the stain permanent.

Clean 100 percent cotton shirts when they’re still wet. Our mothers used this trick to iron our school uniform. Isn’t that right? That’s because it’s hard to get the cotton creases off. Weld them while they’re wet, because the heat is going to make the water produce steam. After that, the steam will smooth the creases.

Clean your iron on a daily basis.

Image staining with your iron your freshly washed sheets. What a nightmare, man! We’re meant to wear our irons as we wear our shoes. This should be washed on a regular basis. Using soda and cotton to clean your iron.


So there you have it, our top ironing tips to give the professional finish to your clothing! Was it still not ready to take on the challenge? We’ve got your back in there! Check out our ironing subscription packages and leave the grunt to work with us. Our friendly drivers will pick up any number of pieces right from your door and transport them directly to our highly qualified ironing professionals.

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