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How to Create a Successful Employee Recognition Program?

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It’s important to show your staff the appreciation they deserve for the good work they do. Being not recognized is one of the main reasons some employees leave their companies. Keeping that in mind, the simple solution for the same is to introduce Employee rewards and recognition programs.

But there are some practices that need to be followed to create a successful employee recognition program. We have researched some of the best tips for you that you can implement into your program for making it a success.


Name Your Program

It’s a great idea if you give your recognition program a name. It can help generate better interest among your employees if your program has a catchy name. For example, Google Inc.’s recognition program might sound dull compared to Google All-Stars, which will spike interest in employees.

Set Goals

While creating the program, you have to set some goals that you want to achieve with the help of your employee recognition program. Setting goals will also allow you to measure them. You will be able to understand how successful your program was and where you need to shift your focus.


It’s important at the beginning of the program that you have some metrics planned. These metrics will allow you to track and measure your program’s success. Planning these metrics, in the beginning, will allow you to track these KPIs without any issues since some of them need more development in order to be tracked.


It’s absolutely necessary that you get continuous feedback from employees before you think about launching your recognition program. Feedback allows you to get important insights from employees. You will be able to understand how employees feel about the program and are there anything that can be added to improve their credibility.

This feedback can be taken using multiple methods, one of the easier ways is to conduct surveys. Once you have set up the program, you can offer more surveys to employees from time to time to understand their views towards the program. Not only you get a better perspective from employees using continuous feedback, but you also get an opportunity to fine-tune the program for better success.

Involve Different Departments

Though the employee recognition program is supposed to be managed by the human resource team, you can also involve other departments to offer their inputs for the program. This offers more options to manage the program efficiently.

Recognition Badges

The main goal of the program is to recognize the work your employees are doing. But you can take it up a notch by including company values factor into the recognition rewards. One simple suggestion is to create recognition badges. Employees will be recognized by wearing badges, while you can promote the company’s values imprinted on them. This is a great little hack to promote the action and behavior you expect employees to exhibit.

Cash Rewards

It’s a great idea to offer rewards in the form of cash or experience. Employees will be able to spend the cash on something they’d like to buy; they can also get to have an experience of something they have wanted instead of something they need. This serves employees as a positive memory from their company, that can last for a long period of time.


Promote the Program

It goes without saying, you have to keep promoting the program in order to make it a success. Start by promoting the concept of the program before it launched. Promote the program once in a while once it’s launched. You can also try posting promotional posters or include the promotion in your email signature, which will constantly remind your employees about the ongoing employee recognition reward.


Once everything is set up and done, you can start offering rewards to employees by conducting meetings or events. Offering recognition to employees in from of everyone can boost their morale significantly. And you can give this event a name as well. Such as award ceremony while promoting it.


Setting up a reward and recognition program is easy but to make it a success with the help of promotion, the contribution from multiple teams, taking continuous feedback from employees is an essential step.

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