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Can Astrology Help With Marital Life Issues?

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Marriage is considered one of the important social customs in our country. It is a sacred institution for which people sweat. In India, it is all about tradition and values that make marriage a lifelong bond. However, it would be foolish to think that lifelong marriages are free from problems. It is rare that couples do not face problems in their long journey together, but the area of concern here is the transformation of traditional marriages into problematic marriages.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and successful couples have learned to deal with problems and deal with the complex issues of everyday life. The reason why these people are successful in marriage is simple, they understand the value system of the society and follow it diligently. Marriages have moved from traditional arranged marriages to modern love cum arrangement or inter-caste marriages.

There are many inter-caste marriages and love marriages which are successful. Therefore, the problem is not in adopting the new system of marriage, but in forgetting the value system of our society which maintains lifelong bonds. Married life predictions can be obtained from the best astrologer.

Traditional values or rituals are seen in the second house. In the natural zodiac, the second house and the seventh house belong to Venus. The second house is also the eighth house from the seventh house, hence the life of marriage is long. The 7th house is the 6th house from the 2nd house so the conflicts in marriage should be dealt with the following sanskars. Naturally benefic Venus represents the glory that attracts beauty, glamour, gorgeous looks, style, fashion, etc., and everything that is worthy of trendsetting and showcasing. Venus is the natural significator of the fourth house. It is an undisputed factor for marriage, but for happiness, comfort, and marital bliss, the Moon plays an important role along with Venus as it symbolizes the material comforts of home as well as happiness and comfort in the relationship. Venus expresses emotions and the Moon represents emotions.

Effect of Planets on Marital Life

Venus is also a planet seen for worldly good. Being the karaka of the fourth house and lord of the second house and seventh house, we see wealth, family status, and material comforts as the importance of these houses. Venus also symbolizes money and gambling.

Internal development happens with values and external existence happens with keeping pace with the changing times. The human brain is always evolving and today it is practical and intellectual. There is a need to strike a balance between internal and external development.

Venus when exalted and unaffected gives satisfaction in life; Debilitated and afflicted Venus gives dissatisfaction and disorientation in relation to happiness.

If followed in the traditional way i.e. by holding firmly to our value system then Venus will give all the happiness and comfort of marital life, on the contrary, if it is adopted as a way of business to gain wealth then it will only lead to a troubled marriage.

It eludes most of us throughout our lives. Happiness is an emotion and it does not depend only on the prevailing system of marriage.  But one thing is very clear from the double dominance of Venus that if there are sanskars then the person always gets married which binds him for life. India is so rich in its tradition, culture, and values will keep the relationship strong even in the most adverse conditions. Considering marriage as a mutual agreement brings the relationship to a materialistic level. Marriage is a sacred relationship and this is the great Indian tradition that makes our society great. The only demand of time is that we understand the value of our traditions and respect them.

The above factors are precautionary measures but what if the marriage is already troubled? How do we determine the root cause of the problem and know where the happiness lies? It is very important to understand human birth. We are born on this planet which is always rotating and rotating on its axis so nothing is stable. We are moving with respect to space, time, and cause. From the astrological point of view, Jupiter is the symbol of space, Saturn is the symbol of time, Ketu is the symbol of cause and Rahu is the symbol of effect. Analysis of these planets tells us the reason and mission of our birth and how our life will be affected by the changing times, depending on the Dasha order. The birth state is the starting point of our journey. Astrology can help in analyzing the causes of troubles in marriage, whether the troubles stem from infidelity, arguments, problems with children, in-laws, financial problems, depression, anxiety or problems with relatives or friends, health problems, communication gaps, etc. Be related. Once the root cause of the problem is identified, all focus should be on measures to remove the planet causing the problem.

In Depth Analysis of Venus

Venus is a symbol of marriage and happiness. It is important to analyze Venus in terms of its position, aspect, conjunction and movement, proximity to the Sun, and its affliction. The main purpose of marriage is to have children, but the ultimate purpose of marriage is to grow together spiritually, overcome troubles, and live a happy married life. The fourth house is not just material happiness, but a step towards salvation with the synthesis of spontaneous evolution. Analysis of Venus reveals where the individual stands between the primary and ultimate objective of marriage.

In Depth Analysis of The Second House

The second house is the house of successful wealth, property, money, and values. The importance of houses ranges from material values and worth to spiritual values. The 4th house is 3rd from the 2nd house so our efforts for happiness come from the value system.

In Depth Analysis of The Fourth House

The fourth house is the home, family, sense of belonging, emotional security, role in family dynamics, bonding, and spontaneous growth. The houses are the playgrounds of the planets and provide us with a detailed map of our inner and outer lives. They provide us with information about a person’s whereabouts in the journey of life. Problems keep coming in life and marriage is also no exception. Not all problems end in a breakup or divorce. If problems are in the right direction then they lead to happiness and prosperity. It is just a game of time when the person has to face problems and witness painful experiences.

One should consult an astrologer to identify the causes, understand, and get clear instructions and directions to solve the problems. Astrology should be used for profit, savings, and proper utilization of time because time is the essence of life. It is the driver, decider, protector of destiny, and the key to all astrological predictions.


Many times it happens that married life goes on happily but the changing movement of planets or horoscope matching not done before marriage can bring problems in married life. If you are also troubled by problems in marital life, then you can take an online astrology consultation. Astrologers can help you by giving the right advice on the problems coming up in your married life.

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