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Cheap vs. Expensive What Web Design should you Choose? Is it Worth it?

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Appearances are everything, or at least it is what attracts the most attention. When it comes to a website, the same rule can apply. But to have a beautiful well-designed website does not necessarily mean to spend your entire budget on it. With the increase in the usefulness of websites, there are different types of website design services out there. Some of them even free of cost. So how should you choose which website design service should you choose?

There are a few variables that you should consider before opting for any type of service free, cheap, or expensive. These variable hinges on the needs and requirements of your organization and how you want to display information on your website. In all truth, a simple, functional design that can help you to put your point across is the best approach to take, but here are some other factors to consider.

The deal with “ FREE” websites

Who does not like free stuff? But remember, there are no free lunches in this world.

When it comes to website design, the same is true. Yes, you will be able to create a website free of cost, but it will not be what you want. 

Free web design services are generally bombarded with advertisements. The entire reason someone provides a free web design service is to advertise. Organizations tend to make money off the advertisements. If you still manage to get past the ads, you will soon realize how little options you have. The free service is like a sample of their premium services. Organizations do not provide any resources or support for the free service.

Why go for a free service?
  • Well, let’s get the obvious reason out first because it is free!
  • If you are new to website designing, you can experiment on it.
  • It can be a demo for when you are deciding which services you should choose.

Why not go for a free service?

  • Limited support 
  • Limited resources 
  • Advertisements 
  • Unsecure 
  • Not very functional or responsive.

To be honest, the only good thing about such services is that they are free and nothing else.

Cheap Web design service

The question now, you should ask here is, how you define “cheap” as the operating word. Before you answer remember, it is cheap, not free.

A cheap web design service can mean a couple of things. There may be a discount on the cost, or you only require limited resources and support to run things. When you consider those factors, the web design service can no longer be termed as cheap; it becomes affordable.

An Affordable web design company will offer you customized offers that cater to your specific needs. Yes, there are other, better options in the market, but what you need to consider is do you really need them, when you can reduce the cost by having what is required? It is simply a matter of prioritizing what is important and required from the website. It is always great to have expensive resources, but you need to ask yourself is it worth it?

Why go for a cheap web design service?
  • Low cost 
  • Specific to needs 
  • Fulfilled the basic requirement
Why not go for a cheap web design service?
  • Limited support 
  • Little scope of growth 
  • Fewer resources 
  • Less flexibility

In any case, there may be other pros and cons to opting for a cheap web design service, you can evaluate the pros and assess the cons to decide which way you need to and not want to go. There some scope of SEO management and Personal branding, surely it is better than opting for a free website. But there are endless possibilities out there, and with the right amount, you may very well try them for your organization.

An Expensive web design service

Ah! The high life. Suppose you have the budget to create a stunning website. There are endless possibilities on the internet. An expensive web design service can get you anything you would want. Unlike a cheap service where you had to do most of the work yourself. An expensive web design service will get everything done for you; the only downside is it will cost a lot. And here is why it is so tricky, human imagination can exceed any limits, and though you have the cash to back your imagination, you never know if it will work or not.

So you may end up regretting your decision to spend enormous amounts of money on a completely dysfunctional design. 

Here is the thing about creativity and imagination; it is subjective to the prospectives of the viewers. What you may consider a masterpiece, maybe useless scrubbing to others. Too bad public opinions are not up for sales in the market.

Why go for an expensive web design service?
  • A lot of scopes
  • Adequate resources
  • Constant support 
  • More features 
  • Flexible and editable
Why not go for an expensive web design service?
  • It will burn a hole in your pocket
  • Cost no assurance of success 
  • Services provider may charge you for functions which you do not need.
  • Charges for useless resources
  • A never-ending list of services you can buy.

Web design service business is like any business. You want the customer to buy more and more from you. This means that organizations will keep trying to push features that don’t even require, which is the main problem. Half of the features that are provided are not required. But you still have to pay for them. It is also very important to be well informed about what is needed. If not, organizations will trick you into buying extra services that are not related to your operations. If you are willing to spend money without proper knowledge, you may very well burn it.

How to choose?

Here the ends justify the means. While having means can create a sense of requiring everything. In reality, you actually do not. The easiest way to decide is to determine what your goals are and what do you want to achieve.


If you are new to web designing and want to experiment, you should opt for the free option. It will give you an introduction about what to expect and how things work.


If you wish to have a website for basic operations and don’t board a huge budget. You must opt for a cheap and affordable web design service that fits your needs. Be very specific about what you need as each feature you add on will cost you. This option is viable for the short term, and if you are not expecting to grow very rapidly. As the interface may not be able to keep up with a large amount of traffic.


If you feel that you going to grow very very fast and need additional features. You should opt for an expensive web design. As it will give you more features and a wider scope to work with. 

Final words

While there are a lot of services to choose from not all are viable. Some may be worth it, but most are not. Organizations want you to buy as many services as they can sell and make as much money off you. Good financial backing may sound great but is not as simple as it sounds. Without proper knowledge about what you want to do and how to do it. You are bound to burn through your financial resources without anything sustainable. So be careful how you use your resources and where you spend your money. While web design services will make it sound like you need all their services. It is important to know what you want and what you actually need to create a functional, elegant, and productive website that contributes to a better output for your business. 

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