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Top Mobile Options for Renting Car In Your 20

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The number of young travelers is increasing year by year. People plan their amazing trips through the countries, cities. That’s so cool that even young travelers are not afraid of renting a car when 20 years old. Of course, there is no any other cheap variant to go to Canada, Orlando, New York without using a plane. The idea of hiring a car is great if you know where to go and which car to take. Just make a click! Have you a contact of a good rental agency to work with? If not, try to choose one after reading the post.


You may have many interesting rental offers but look at the criteria first to define the best mobile app for car rental.

  • Location: Try to pick a big reliable rental company which has many rental locations over the USA and even over the world. Check rental location in all big cities and airports.
  • Reservation: It would be great if online reservation is available. Believe it or not, you will never overpay when book and pay online. You can make a reservation or cancel it in one click.
  • Sales and discounts: Almost all big rental companies are client friendly. They can boast a partnership with major airlines, hotels, and other important services. Renting a car you may get a big discount for the flight or for the next deal. Watch sale coupons!

Always take these criteria into account when look for a good rental company.


  1. Alamo App

Do you want to know which car is the best for you as for a young driver? Just fill in pickup and drop off locations, dates, time, and your age. All available cars are at your disposal. You can check the prices, compare the car characteristics, insurance policy, and decide. The app allows you to book a car for the cheapest price without extra taxes and pay online.

  1. Avis App

The choice of cars here is really big. You will always have a problem to pick one of many. There are many economy and compact class cars that is especially good for under 21 drivers.

  1. Enterprise Mobile App

This is one of the best car rental options for young travelers. The young driver fee is no more than $20 per day. Compare! It is lesser than other companies can offer. If you want to wave the fee, you can catch a discount or buy membership.

  1. Hertz App

The best you can get from Hertz is their service is available in all big cities at any time of the day and night. Ask everyone! All people know about Hertz rental option. The app helps to fix the date, location, compare prices, and car brands. Everything is easy but check the young driver fee first. There are special rental packages for young drivers.

  1. Expedia App

Believe it or not, there are many car rental apps which combine different car rental companies. Such an app helps to find the best rental agent in the airport, pick the hotel, and even book a flight if needed. In case you know nothing about the city you are traveling to, you’d better pick up the car from the airport and stop reinventing the wheel.

  1. Kayak App

Who doesn’t know about Kayak? Everyone knows. This must be one more all-in-one car rental solution where you can rent a car, book a flight, reserve a suite. This app is the best planner and trip organizer. Of course, if you need just a car, you may use one of many specific rental apps. But if you want to book the whole trip, including rental, planning, and navigation, try Kayak.


  1. Rental24h App

This app is one of the most popular car rental apps available for your phone. It gives you the biggest choice of car rental agencies, including Avis, Alamo, hertz, and many others. You can compare their offers, cars, prices, policies and get the best deal in one click. This is one of the most recommended car rental apps in the USA and abroad. That’s so convenient to find a good car rental agency which is friendly for young drivers. Stop jumping from the site to site, looking for the information. The app already has everything you need for a good trip with your friends.

Mobile apps are very popular now. People use them for traveling, business, and in their everyday life. There was time, when planning a trip was a long and time taking process. Now, you can spend a couple of minutes to decide which car to take for rent, where to stop for dinner, and where to live. All popular companies are available for your phone. Whenever you are, in the USA or Europe, you can use any of these apps to make the right decision.



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