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Commercial Landscaping Ideas That Will Improve Your Brand

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Recently we are seeing more and more companies and generally people being involved in bettering our environment. We are looking to plant as many trees and plants as we can. There are more eco-friendly companies than ever before, and they are trying to make an impact by investing in their landscape. Having an amazing landscape design can improve your brand image and attract new clients who can see that you are trying to improve the environment. Landscaping can contribute to your community’s curb appeal and make a beautiful entrance. Read on to find out what are commercial landscaping ideas that will improve your brand.

Native plants

Plants are an investment in landscaping, and you should consider the cost of the plants and how much time you need to maintain them. The landscape is the first thing your clients will see, so easy landscape maintenance is crucial. It’s becoming common for property managers to choose low maintenance and native plants. They don’t require special soil or upkeep, and they can easily blend with the native environment. These plants can be shrubs and trees. They are typically hardier and don’t require as many resources as water and fertilizer. If you are looking for a more decorative perennial, ornamental grass is a good choice for you.


Besides the usual greenery like shrubs and grass, you can add a pop of color with flower beds and pots. If you have native plants in your landscape that don’t need much upkeep, you can invest in more annual plants and flowers. Perennials can be a one time expense if you take care of them properly, which leaves you with more money room for annual flowers. Having color in your landscape will accentuate your entrance. When you are selecting bed flowers, you should pay attention to their bloom time and growth pattern. Also, think about how much sunlight the flowers need and what kind of soil do they need to thrive. Choose flowers that have a long bloom time, from spring to fall. Perennials bloom year after year and they can be a great sustainable choice. With annual flowers, you can change up the color palette each year.

Retaining walls

If your landscape and entrance are on a slope that is challenging to maintain, consider including retaining walls in your landscape. They can add volume and depth to your entrance and provide more planting space. They can give you privacy because they can conceal the view of a parking lot. Retaining walls can also control erosion that can occur without a landscape structure. They create height and layers of interest to your entrance. When building retaining walls you can choose among many natural stones, even ones that are locally harvested to compliment the surrounding landscape. Some sustainable materials include repurposed curbs and concrete.


Entryway signage is an entrance staple. It’s a permanent fixture so it can sometimes dictate the design of your landscape. Depending on the design of the signage, your landscape should follow suit. If the sign is modern and sleek, the plants and design should also be like it. If it’s a large sign, it demands a landscape that can support its size. When you are choosing plants and landscape you should consider how much and how high it will grow. If it’s overgrowing the sign, you will need to constantly maintain the area. Your sign needs to be visible at all times, and the landscape should not block the view. Passers-by need to see the sign and it should not be blocked for safety reasons.

Highlight architecture

Your building is a focal point of your property and it should be highlighted properly. If your building needs more of an accent, consider making a statement with a green roof or a living wall to convey a message of sustainability and improving the environment. If the architecture is new and unique, you can add plants that accentuate it and that can direct people to the entrance. But make sure to allow the building to be admired in full. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to accentuate your property with the best landscaping design. Involving a professional landscaping company in the process will make sure you are making great design decisions.

Traffic flow

The entrance should be clearly defined so that visitors don’t miss it. The drive should be identifiable with curb cuts perimeter plantings and pavement markings. You should choose pathway materials that are properly colored and textured for easy navigation. If you have large parking bays you can break them up with islands of plantings. They can give a visual appeal to a large surface. All areas of your landscape and property need to be properly lit for night access and safety. You can choose smaller LED lights beside pathways so it doesn’t disturb drivers and subtle step light if you have a staircase to your entrance.

When doing any landscaping design, it’s important to make your entrance memorable by creating a statement. Think beyond a basic flower bed with one type of flower. Your design should set a proper tone for any new and old clients and visitors you may have. 

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