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Top 5 Best Baby Care Brands of USA That You Can Check

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Figuring out your baby needs as a new parent is challenging, and you have to prepare for your baby. There are tons of option to select.  Whether you are looking for baby health, food or room interior, everything looks so cute and adorable. But the point is, do you need it?

As far as baby skin care products are concerned, there are tons of options. Many companies and brands are providing thousands of products. You need to choose the best hair and skin care product for your little one. Many baby products contain the trace of chemicals, artificial fragrances, colorants, and formaldehyde. All these synthetic ingredients are harmful to their delicate skin.

Baby Care Brands

There are some well-known baby care brands that are trusted by parents for years. These brands are ranked according to the quality of products and parents reviews. For now, many baby care manufacturers are launching products that are imposed 100% natural and organic ingredients. Their mission is to provide healthy baby care products that are free from chemicals extracts.

Here is the list of some top baby care brands that are available in the market.

  1. Johnson & Johnson
  2. California Baby
  3. WBM Baby Care
  4. Dove
  5. Mama Earth

Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson is well known in the world of baby care products. This American brand is formed in 1986 and it has been serving for almost 130 years now. It is one of the largest manufacturer of baby and mother care products worldwide. Their product range includes almost all products that fall in baby hair and skin care category.

Best Johnson Products:

The baby bath range contain baby shampoo, soap, baby wash and hair oil with tear free formula. Baby skin care range includes moisturizers for baby, face cream and lotion, diaper rash creams, massage oils and much more. Their product range is different for infant, toddlers, kids, and adults. Parents are completely in love with their products and gift sets for babies.

California Baby:

California Baby is the brand of USA and their products are widely trusted by the moms. They claim that their products are test proven to be imposed on plant based formula. Their products are lab tested and highly certified by USDA. Its products are free from petrochemical contaminants.

Their product range includes baby bathing products like shampoo, conditioner, hair gels, and bubble bath. A wide range of moisturizers (cream and lotions), diapers washers and creams. They also offer some products that may work against skin problems like eczema and sunburns. You can also buy their gift range for your baby or gift them to the new born baby parents.

WBM Baby Care:

WBM Baby care is the brand of WBM International, which is serving the baby care products for years. They are one of the best manufacturers of organic baby care products. This brand is offering 100% money-back guarantee and customer satisfaction. Their products are enriched with the natural plants and essential oil extracts along with honey.

Best WBM Products:

3 in 1 WBM Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body wash: Complete solution to clean your baby from head to toe.

WBM Baby Massage Oil: The perfect blend of essential oils that includes olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and wheat germ oil.

WBM Baby laundry Detergent:

The WBM baby bath range includes 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash with the tear-free formula. Other baby moisturizers (baby face cream, baby lotion, baby oil) are best for your new born baby and toddlers. You and your baby will love the organic blends they use in every product. Baby laundry detergents are also included in their range. This brand is also trusted by the parents and its products are gaining 5-star reviews on Amazon. WBM baby care gift sets are the perfect gift for new parents.


Dove is probably another big name in the baby care products world.  Give your baby tip to toe care with the moisture range of dove. It ranges vary from baby body wash to baby lotion. Their products are also claimed to be mild to keep your little one healthy.

Dove provides a different range of products for normal and sensitive skin. Their bathing category includes soap bar and tip to toe wash. Skin care range includes several products like baby lotion for dry skin and lotion for new born. They have a rich collection of baby moisturizers, wet wipes, and hair care products. They are offering beautiful gift sets to give a new parent amazing experience of parenting.

Mama Earth:

Because of the good quality products mama earth brand has quickly gained a very positive response from parents.  Their product range is also wide that contain baby bathing products body wash, face wash, and shampoo. Other range includes baby wet wipes, hair oil, and skin cleansers to get rid of marks and other dusting powders.

Mama earth baby skincare range further includes face cream, baby lip balm, and moisturizers. This company owns mosquito repellent products for babies like after bite roll-on, anti-mosquito roll-on, mosquito repellent liquid gels, and other patches. Their vapor rolls for cough and cold are liked by most mommies.

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