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5 Exciting and Expansive Home DIY Projects

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With springtime weather comes the opportunity to initiate home DIY projects that provide extra living space and enhance the equity of your property. The cool temperature and temperate climate (depending on where you live) can be the best time to get some hard labor done. If you have available funds and/or some building knowledge or industry connections, this is a great time to consider one of many DIY projects. Here are 5 great ideas to mull over.

Build or Renovate a Garage

If your garage is looking dilapidated but is still in good shape, renovate it. Start by getting everything decluttered and loosely organized. This can help you determine what you need to expand and where you should put storage. You would be surprised how much cleaning up can completely transform a space. You might be able to give away a bunch of older items too! Add replacement beams, pour a concrete floor, and put up wallboard to improve the appearance if you like. You may want to build in some cupboards for storing tools and supplies as well.

Expand Outdoor Enjoyment

To maximize enjoyment of your yard and surrounding areas, build on a sunroom or an all-season room with plenty of windows to let in the sunlight. You can also open windows for fresh air and the scent of flowers and greenery. If you’re not quite ready to build a room, install a patio with concrete or bricks. If you already have a patio, consider an additional installation, such as a fire pit or a BBQ. Whatever you end up deciding, there’s innumerable outdoor furniture to help you make the yard of your dreams. Then, you’ll be more easily able to spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying leisure activities, especially with a screen protection and a roof.

Open Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are often the heart of a home, so make your kitchen even more warm-hearted by taking down one or more walls to create an open concept design. This works especially well when the kitchen connects to the dining room or an elongated living room area. Another option is to extend the outdoor wall of your kitchen several more feet for additional cooking and eating space. More ways to manage and flow foot traffic in the kitchen is essential. Additional storage options can help too! An add-on pantry is always welcome for storing food and supplies. As for aesthetics, even a simple splash of a new color, consider a bright yellow or vibrant red, can help your kitchen feel livelier and more open. Buy or make a few table cloths and napkins that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Update the Bathroom

A bathroom may be the most frequently used room in the house by all family members. Bathing, toileting, and grooming area essential daily tasks that benefit from good lighting and adequate space. You may want to add tactfully placed windows or replace older bulky cupboards with streamlined, modern versions. A simple re-tile or a new sink can also help the space feel more expansive, with comparatively little work. Just be sure to consult with a contractor or plumber before you get started. The last thing you want is for a DIY project to render the bathroom unusable.

Create an Extra Living Area

If you are ready for a major building home improvement project, you can convert an onsite, unused garage or shed to a rentable space or a guest suite. While you can hire builders to do the job, you might want to buy a granny flat DIY kit and do the work yourself to save money. If you have the skills to convert an old structure or put up a new one, this is a fantastic option. A extra room for a media center, playroom, or a guest room can be a great improvement to your home.

With plenty of fun building projects to consider, you can enjoy being creative while improving your home’s value and increasing its living area. Start thinking about your plans now, but you can take your time planning. You’ll want to make sure to have the skills, materials, and set up you need to not only succeed at your DIY projects, but to make sure they run smoothly.



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