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5 Ways Your Oral Health Impacts Your Fitness and Lifestyle

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Every part of your body is connected, and health in one part impacts your overall health in ways that you may not immediately recognize. For example, your oral health may play a bigger role in your fitness level and overall happiness than you realize. A bright, white smile is a reflection of health that can also make you feel your best. From teeth to tongue to gums and mouth lining, your mouth is one of the most vulnerable areas of your body as it takes in so much from the outside. Take care of your oral health to prevent these potential negative impacts that letting your teeth go can have on your lifestyle. Here are some ways that your oral health impacts your fitness and lifestyle.

Gum Disease Is Linked to Heart Problems

One way that oral health impacts your fitness and lifestyle is through gum disease, which has been linked to heart problems and other health issues. Bacteria that gets beneath your gum line can impact your cardiovascular health. People with gum disease are more likely to have heart issues. Since gum disease tends to progress slowly through the various phases, getting it under control can also help you to maintain a healthier heart. And a healthy heart means that you’ll be stronger and better able to endure stress and strenuous exercise.

Crooked Teeth Make It Hard to Eat a Nutritious Diet

Crooked teeth can impact your ability to get the nutrition you need. Straight teeth are sometimes viewed as merely an aesthetic desire. While being able to smile with confidence is important, you should also think about the function of your teeth. If your teeth are crooked or placed too close or far apart, then you can expect to have problems eating healthy foods. Items like carrots, celery, and other foods can be difficult to chew with misaligned teeth, and crooked teeth will be harder to clean and floss, which means that food particles are likely to get caught. Invisalign braces can help you fix this problem, and the trays are removable so you can continue to munch on healthy nuts and raw veggies.

Missing Teeth Cause a Lack of Self-Confidence

While it may not be as big of a lifestyle issue, the fact is that missing teeth can lower your self-confidence. You need to feel confident to do things such as get out there and run a marathon. Having missing teeth can make you want to avoid public places like the gym. Regular dental care can help you avoid having issues that lead to extractions. If you already have missing teeth, then replacing them can make you feel better about working out with other people.

Inflammation in the Mouth Could Be a Sign of Health Issues

Your mouth is also a good signifier for your overall bodily health. For instance, having inflammation in your mouth could be a sign of other severe health issues. Diabetes and other health conditions are sometimes first identified during dental visits. Your dentist can tell if your gums might be inflamed by problems with your health, or they may note slow healing that indicates a problem. Checkups should also include oral cancer screenings that make sure to identify signs of a serious problem early enough for treatment to be successful. By regularly checking in with your dentist and other healthcare providers, you will be able to maintain and protect your overall lifestyle and health.

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Painful Cavities Decrease Your Ability to Stay Active

Cavities can interfere with more than just eating sweets. They can decrease your ability to stay active entirely. Being in pain changes how you feel about exercising. If you have severe cavities, then you may skip workouts. You might also avoid eating foods that your body needs to thrive.

At first glance, your mouth might not seem like it could have a huge impact upon the rest of your body. Yet, it doesn’t take long for things such as cavities and gum disease to begin to affect how you look and feel. Start now by correcting minor oral health issues before they turn into a major problem for your general health.

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