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Do you know how people crack the Salesforce Exam in First attempt?

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When the discussion on Salesforce Certification gets started, the two most popular questions that arise are – ‘’What skills are required to qualify Salesforce certification?’’ and ‘’Which Salesforce job profile is good?’’

To help people with the above queries, here I am going to discuss every detail that describes which Salesforce certification is good and what key areas one needs to work upon while one is planning to prepare the Salesforce certification exam.

Salesforce Admin Certification Career

To start a career in the Salesforce industry, you need to become a salesforce certified professional since for a basic job role too; companies are looking for certified candidates. None of us can deny the fact that a Salesforce certification is always beneficial for people who want to stay longer and grow in the field of cloud computing.

The certification allows you to learn more about the Salesforce platform so that you can elaborate more on employers. If I talk about non-profit organizations, they also need certified professionals to lead their non-profits.

The biggest challenge comes before people who want to take administrative certification is – to know about an extensive range of topics that are required to qualify the exam. Also, after deciding that you want certification, you may get confused among various types of courses available. In addition to this, there are numerous classes, and complete guides are available that help you crack the exam in the first attempt, but again, the question is – ‘’what is the sure and certain trick?’’.

The Salesforce Admin Certification tests your expertise with the cloud system. For example, how clearly you understand the security model and use this skill to address any issue in the best possible way by creating a perfect workflow. This is indeed a little complex exam as it includes various topics, as well as professionals, who need to be skilled at resolving issues that may be related to risk management.

How to study for Salesforce Admin Certification?

Before starting the exam preparations, first, visit the Salesforce website and check all the details on the certification criteria. Salesforce also provides official training that you can directly access the website related to your specific area. You will also find study material there that keeps on updating and are very useful to tackle many questions in the Salesforce Admin exam. Take a print out of the list from here that includes all the topics of exam and their weight. Use this as a reference in your preparation just to keep yourself informed whatever is done and what is pending.

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Official Training Resource

On the Salesforce website, you will find various training classes related to all types of Salesforce certifications. But, don’t be entirely dependent on these classes only for the administrative exam since these classes although cover a wide range of important topics, there are a few essential topics that remain uncovered. However, the course is very helpful in the Salesforce admin exam preparation, but it is less cost-effective too.

Many partner organizations offer training classes, and they are good as well. The only thing you need to do is, make a proper analysis and check the track records and communicate with people who have already been a part of it. Once you have enough information on a partner company’s credibility, you can go ahead with it to start your Salesforce preparations. Apart from everything, many Salesforce professionals offer free training courses and are part of the Salesforce community.

Salesforce Mock Tests

Won’t it be helpful if you practice exams in a disciplined environment like your real exam multiple times before the actual exam? The best part is Salesforce itself offers various practice test that you can access by registering through Kryterion. This is the same platform that you use to give the actual exam, but for the practice exam, you have to choose the practice test menu. The cost for this exam is $20, but it is a great resource since, in these tests, the questions come at the same expected level. However, there are numerous free mock test options also available, but they are neither approved by the Salesforce nor are of much value.

Self-study is a key

The extraordinary people choose the path of self-learning for any kind of examination. They collect various technical documentation from various sources and focus on all the topics that describe all features of Salesforce and how admin works. The website contains enough rich information that a self-learner can utilize while preparing for the exam. The only thing you need to keep in mind is while collecting data from different data sources, make sure that all source points are authentic and consist of the correct information on the Salesforce platform.

An easy method to pass the admin exam

Refer Trailhead, download all the material and get ready for the test. Trailhead contains all types of training materials that are very useful in cracking the exam. One of the most important and good learning resources is watching Salesforce videos. These videos are updated quite often and cover a large volume of questions that are asked in the examination. Be very focused while watching these videos as many questions are directly asked from these videos. Make a strategy, analyze what is more important and which topics are mostly asked in the exam. Once you have a fully prepared list of important topics, use all your energy and time on its preparations.

Classify the question types and prepare

To study all the questions of Salesforce mock tests in one go maybe a little difficult for you. You can classify the question types in various categories to simplify learning. The questions that you find related to one topic can be prepared at a time while other topics may be assigned different times. For the revision point of view, too, it is a great learning tool. You may prepare a few topics one day and rest other days.

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To become a Salesforce certified professional is good for multiple reasons such as more job opportunities, a significant salary hike, and a bright future in the Salesforce industry. But, the challenge is cracking the exam in the first attempt. If you are referring to authentic and correct learning resources such as Salesforce official training courses, Salesforce mock tests, and the right strategies, believe me, one attempt is sufficient for you to go through the admin exam. Prioritize the topics, give more time to those that are asked mostly and be focused while learning anything.



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