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How Can an AWS Certification Boost Your Career?

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Job seekers are enrolling themselves in all kinds of certifications, and they have varied reasons to do so. Some do not have experience in that particular field, and some are just looking out to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge base. Whatever your reason might be, certifications have a way to boost your career.skills and enhance their knowledge baseIf learned correctly and with utter perseverance, your certification course will be worth it in the end. And yes, AWS Certification will definitely give a boost to your career. Let’s understand what the purpose of AWS is and how its certification will validate your cloud skills.

What is AWS?

It is short for Amazon Web Service, and it is a platform that offers cloud computing solutions. It is easy to use and a cost-effective platform that provides compute power, database storage, content delivery and a lot of other functionalities that will help you to grow your business.

According to Global Knowledge Study, Amazon Web Services certification is ranked as the most worth valued IT Certification in the industry. If you still did not get an idea of how AWS certification can boost up your career then go ahead and read on.

It offers a lot of certification, and it depends on which particular field you are looking forward to getting into and what your prior experiences are.

AWS Certifications

These are some of the exams that are held by AWS, and you can easily prepare for these and get certified in the field of your choice.

Depending upon your interests and career choices, you can opt for either of the certifications. If you already have prior experience, you can opt for that particular certification to gain skills professionally.

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How can an AWS Certification help you boost your career?

There are a lot of factors that will be advantageous in your favor and help you grow your career timeline. Certifications have a proven way to attract more and more companies that pay you well. Similarly, AWS certifications have been a great deal in the market and helping people evolve and enhance their skills.

Following are the factors that we believe will help you if you are planning to get AWS Certified-

  1. Demand- Needless to say, cloud computing professionals are high in demand. With the emergence of cloud technology and amazon already being a big name in the industry, and AWS certification will improve and further increase your salability.
  2. Increased Salary- You can definitely expect more salary than the regular system administrators. Since you have better knowledge of cloud technologies and are certified professionals, companies would not hesitate to offer you a good amount of salary.
  3. Job security- You don’t have to worry about losing your job since this certification will make you an asset to the company. A good AWS certification will not just help you build up your skills but will also boost your self-esteem. You will also be offered a better job if you are skilled enough.
  4. Better networking opportunities- You will get a platform through which you can broaden your network and meet a lot of people with the same profession. There is a scope to understand better and make confusion go away when you are learning and working in a community.
  5. Easily available and cost-effective– You will not have to struggle to find a worthy training program and spend a lot of money on AWS Certification. It is readily available on a lot of platforms and in a comparatively lesser fee.
  6. Updated Domain Knowledge- Since it’s an era of emerging technologies, there is a new update or a tool or technique in the market. Through this, you will be able to learn new techniques and skills promptly and implement it in your work project which will give you an edge.

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AWS Solution Architect

Let’s talk about AWS Certified Solution Architect and their roles and responsibilities to make you have a better understanding of how the certification can help you.

The job of a Solution Architect is to design, create, and implement an application over a cloud. The salary of a typical Solution Architect is widely impacted by their prior experience, knowledge of various operating systems, network and database.

However, if you are AWS certified, you will be given a preference over other people since you are expected to have brushed up skills, and having done a certification is a sign of commitment and proof of your knowledge. People generally get an idea that you are serious about your work and will remain passionate about it.

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification is provided by Janbask Training, where you will learn from highly experienced trainers and get access to assignments and real-life case studies, which will help you detect your weak points and make your work on those.

6-week plan

This is how the 6-week plan looks like where the most basic to advanced topics of AWS will be covered, and it will also make it easier for you to manage your day accordingly.

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Final Thoughts

AWS Certification is a great move towards having a growing career. Your reason could be anything from brushing up your skills to expertise in the cloud platform; the outcome will be fruitful. It is guaranteed that you will get offers from a lot of big companies and you will see significant growth in your salary. It is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective. You can consider this an investment in yourself, which will yield positive results in the long run. A little time and effort and goes a long way when you are certain that you can make use of these skills in the best way possible.

If you have been planning to enroll yourself in either of the certifications, then you must go ahead and do so as soon as you can because there is a dire need of Cloud developers, architects, and engineers and the market is full of opportunities. Now is the time to boost up your skills and with it, your career. So, Good luck with your career, and we hope that you make the best decision for yourself that will help you take your career to another level.

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