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How To Boost Your E-Commerce Website’s Conversion Rate?

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Online commerce is on an incredible growth spree with more than 6 million new eCommerce entrants in the Indian market alone. The power of selling online has essentially empowered both the sellers as well as customers in terms of growth, accessibility and ease of purchase. Shopping online today is not just an option but a necessity for many shoppers due to a variety of reasons for avoiding a physical destination.

Now, it is great that you want to launch an eCommerce website. In fact, this is the ideal time to enter the scenario and tap into the vast potential available online and thus, get access to more customers in the process. But, how exactly do you make your visitors turn into customers after visiting your website by taking an intended action? Just having an eCommerce website design is not enough. 

Hence, here in this article, we are going to help business owners and entrepreneurs like you to figure your way around the eCommerce scenario and learn the tips and tricks of boosting your website’s conversion game. 

So, are you looking to gain significant profits in your eCommerce gameplay and attain valuable customers while building a brand? Read on to discover the way to the same!

What is E-Commerce Conversion Rate & How To Calculate The Same For Your E-Commerce Website?

As per the traditional definition, the process of increasing the conversion rate of your eCommerce website with the necessary optimizations is eCommerce conversion optimization. In order to determine the necessary conversion rate for your eCommerce website, you can isolate the number of conversions by the site’s visitors, and then multiply the end result by the number 100.

You would have determined the percentage of conversion. From this figure, you can survey how compelling your advertising is, contingent upon the conversion rate of your website. 

Online dealers consistently center around how to build conversion rate and attempt to boost it up, on the grounds that it is nothing if a visitor goes to your landing page takes no necessary action pertaining to your website’s needs. Hence, they need to discover the best answer for their online shops to boost their conversion rate.

Tips and Tricks for Boosting Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Implement Best Design and User Experience Principles

Attempt to deliver a seamless shopping experience to your visitors and customers in order to make an impact. Now, the design and user experience of your eCommerce website holds several key elements that can act as game changers for your eCommerce website. First and foremost, get the design right. Your website’s design should reflect the ethos of your brand, its colors, and clean design elements. Your eCommerce website’s design must be both visually attractive and persuasive to create an impact on your conversion rate.

Focus on making the navigation of the website as smooth and clutter-free as possible. Note that good user experience is directly proportional to the clean functioning of your website. Therefore, it is highly essential that you remember to focus on the core objectives of your website and avoid putting any unnecessary design elements. Your eCommerce website design should objectively focus on the key selling points like product display, description, and other stuff. 

Now that you have set forward a good user experience, you need to focus on other aspects of the UI like faster checkout options, etc. 

Using Social Media Optimization & Marketing

There is no doubt about the fact that the globe is going through a social media revolution. A survey conducted recently suggested almost 70% of the world population is present on social media. It is a brimming glass of new-age customers waiting to be tapped. Therefore, your conversion rate boosting process will remain incomplete without leveraging the power of social media. 

Use social media to broadcast-quality content related to your products and try to build cordial relationships with your customers. Also, social media helps you to create an effective buyer persona of your potential customers and thus, target them on a more personal level with innovative content and value.

In today’s age and market, brand loyalty holds a significant advantage of getting recurring business and also growing in influence. Utilizing the potential of social media will help you to create a loyal customer base and also grow in recurring business.

To gain success, target platforms and audiences as per the nature of your business and industry. The social media platforms of today are getting incredibly specific making it impossible to follow the one-platform-target-all method. So, you need to innovate regarding the same to keep your game up.

For example, if your customers are primarily businesses then you should use a B2B oriented platform like LinkedIn or if your customers are college-going millennials, your strategy should involve personalized branding on Instagram and Facebook. 

Having a proper social media branding in place will not only help you to grow brand awareness but also affect your target audience on a personal and connected level. 

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The Shopping Experience & Customer Value

There are certain experiences/ processes in the world of business that is consistent in both offline as well as online models. Therefore, you need to ensure factors like a faster checkout process, variety of payment options, offers & discounts, gifts, complimentary products, free delivery, etc. in order to accentuate and build upon the overall customer experience. 

With benefits like a faster checkout process, customers, especially ones with less patience, will benefit and develop goodwill with the portal’s usability. To abstain from your website from losing potential customers and also increase conversion rates, you need a quick and uncomplicated checkout process with a less number of steps. Make your customers feel comfortable and satisfying about the buying experience with a fast and easy checkout process.

The Psychology of Your Website’s Loading Speed

More often than necessary, the loading speeds of eCommerce websites are overlooked by companies that fail to envision its overall importance in customer experience. Studies indicate that customer psychology is highly dependent on the speed of transformation on taking an action. Making them wait for a product to load for a long time on clicking the same will end you up with a frustrated and lost customer. 

A delay of as low as 7 seconds can make you lose a customer. Thus, getting your online store upgraded for the conversion is a recommended beginning. The optimization process relies upon extremely quick page load speeds that will give you higher conversions and assist you in positioning higher on Google and other web search engines like Bing, Yahoo and so on. 

It is often observed that psychologically, individuals will in general lean toward a site that has a quick loading speed since they would consider it a waste of time on not receiving adequate information in the given timeframe. Feeling exhausted, they can leave your page and search for other eCommerce stores. A must for your eCommerce website design.

Any webpage with delayed loading speed will make visitors feel awkward or uncomfortable and along these lines, you may lose potential customers. Therefore, it is mandatory to boost your page loading speed to high with very little loading time in order to bring a real boost to your eCommerce website’s conversion rates. 

The Concept of Abandoned Carts in eCommerce

The concept of Abandoned in eCommerce generally indicates a situation where a visitor/ potential customer leaves a web page without taking the desired action. In this case, when a visitor leaves an eCommerce site after adding items to the shopping cart, it is termed as Abandoned carts.

Now, there are a variety of psychologies at play here. The visitor may have had to leave the action of purchasing due to an urgent personal engagement. In such a case, the visitor may want to complete the purchase and should be instigated to do so with relevant notification. Try to send reminder emails and messages reminding the cart items to the visitor. 

If the visitor didn’t complete the purchase due to the final price surpassing their budget, send timely reminders of price decreases or adequate offers (if any) on the same product/ products. Also, try and enlighten the visitor superficially about EMIs and Credit card payments if any. 

The latest surveys by Sale Cycle indicate the global average of cart abandonment rate at 79.17% across sectors. Therefore, it is a significant concern, one that should be handled with proper strategy and care and used at your business’s advantage. 

Proper Use & Navigation of Marketing & Sales  Funnels

Reach out to customers via sales and marketing funnels. Create a detailed sales funnel with customer details and routinely target them with adequate content and information. Create detailed buyer personas to garner essential support in the same. 

Such a tool can help you to send out email campaigns regularly with new product launches and offers. However, remember to not spam the lead and altogether lose it in the process. 

Chat with Your Customers to Create a Personal Connect

Today’s customers expect a prompt response to their queries and having a ChatBot can help your business to attain the same. 

Chatting with clients can expand changes, yet in the event that you are utilizing live visits, adequate programming can ensure a great customer experience with your brand. Configuring a Chatbot is easy in today’s age with ample configurations allowing you to chat yourself, or hire an individual to do so or entirely automate the same with relevant technologies. 

Utilizing Chat Bots, regardless of whether it’s you, a hired customer support employee or a chatbot framework, the process can help your customers rapidly find solutions to their inquiries. This significantly reduces expenditure in customer support and helps in delivering better help in real-time. 

Avoid Distracting People

Your site has only one single objective: to sell items, yet tragically, we frequently let structure and different components hinder this straightforward objective. 

The way to extraordinary change is to restrict the erosion you make for your potential clients. By grating, I am not significance scouring inflatables on your head for static, yet interruptions or awful client encounters that make shopping or commitment troublesome. 

Website architecture is continually advancing and changing to any semblance of clients, so plan standards are extremely difficult to characterize. In any case, there are straightforward guidelines you ought to pursue like: 

  • A straightforward route 
  • Appropriate utilization of liveliness 
  • Great shading plan 
  • Clean format 
  • An outwardly engaging interface 
  • Picking a plan that is proper to the subject or topic 
  • Keeping structure components and substance composed 
  • Whatever else is only an interruption. Dispose of it! 

Perhaps the hardest thing for any business visionary to do is to rearrange their item, business, or site. Generally, organizations/ businesses blind by the concept of their style while completely being ignorant about the actual requirements of the customer. Remember that the site must reflect what the customer needs, not what you would want. 

Make certain to remember that and make their experience simple both prudently and outwardly!

Create a Secure Platform For Your Customers

In this day and age, there is no uncertainty that consumers are worried about keeping their online data private and safe. From Facebook information spills, telephone application ruptures and credit card extortion getting increasingly existent in our advanced lives, customers regularly feel like they are uncovered on the web. 

Therefore, it is your responsibility to make your customers feel safe about undertaking a transaction at your eCommerce website. Make sure of proper verification procedures along with industry-grade security features to ensure a safe customer experience. 

To help with this, probably the most ideal approaches to comfort individuals is to introduce SSL authentications/ certificates. Make certain to show significant Visa pictures and other installment options so you outwardly signal individuals that your site is client benevolent and trusted. Credibility is highly important in order to ensure all-round customer trust. 

Make Use of Word of Mouth Marketing 

Social verification is the name of the game nowadays so on the off chance that you will be fruitful on your internet business site, you have to incorporate social evidence in someplace! This includes customer feedback, reviews, experiences, and testimonials. 

It should not shock anyone that 63% of clients are bound to make a buy from a site with client surveys. 

Why? Because social evidence shows that you and your offer are reliable. At the point when you do it right, social evidence can have an immense effect on your business. Pass on, tributes and surveys are the least difficult approach to add social confirmation to your web-based business store. As indicated by Reevo, client audits increment deals with 18%.

Wrapping Up

Your conversion rate’s improvement doesn’t simply occur and perusing the above strategies, you realize it requires a great deal of strategy and arrangements. Understanding CRO patterns and how you can improve your webpage and client experience is vital on the off chance that you are going to sell online nowadays. 

Regardless of which strategies you use from above, consistently make certain to test and continue testing so you can best serve your target group. Thusly, you are effectively ensuring that your conversion rates are really improving! 

In the event that you need some more help on how you can improve your web-based business or client experience, don’t hesitate to connect with us here. We have an awesome group that has helped numerous organizations improve their internet business change rate so don’t stop for a second to connect!



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