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Import Microsoft Outlook PST file to Windows Live Mail – [How to]

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In this blog, we will discuss ‘’how to import Microsoft Outlook PST file to Windows Live Mail?’’. To focus on the situation let’s take a look at the history of two mail clients to understand the purpose and beyond. Microsoft Outlook is without a doubt a ground-breaking email client application and PIM that is accessible as a feature of Microsoft’s Office suite. Numerous enterprises use Microsoft Outlook along with Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server for workers to schedule meetings, organize gatherings, envelopes and share mailbox items. Along with Windows Vista, Microsoft launched the Windows Live Mail application.

Windows Live Mail was a free mail client introduced by Microsoft. Lately, it has been listed under a discontinued project. It was an update of the previous editions of Outlook Express and Windows Mail that were compatible with earlier versions of Windows OS, yet with extra highlights. It formally runs on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 8, and is additionally good with Windows 10.  Some of the upgraded features of the Windows Live Mail was allowing searches of the sender, opening mails, contacts and calendar while being in offline mode. 

Now, let’s take a look at need why such migration is needed.

Reasons to Move Outlook PST to Another Mail Client:

  • Employee shifting to a news organization.
  • Need to work on both platforms simultaneously so, to access PST files in Window Live Mail client.
  • To open PST file on Windows Live Mail platform.

There is no such standard method to import PST file to Windows Live Mail. The user can thus try a second possible method that is third party solutions. One such solution is PST to EML conversion. The way has the motive just like the name. One simply needs to load a PST file to the utility then the resultant file can be loaded to another mail client. Some of the attributes the utility comprises.

Prominent Attributes:

  • Facilitates exporting of multiple PST files at the same time.
  • Upgraded date range feature to exclude unwanted mail messages.
  • Performs fast, stable and secure migration of PST files in EML file format.
  • Auto-detect PST files in the system directory.
  • No technical proficiency needed to operate the utility.
  • Compatible with all smart versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS.

Now, moving forward to the procedure one can follow how to import Microsoft Outlook PST file to Windows Live Mail.

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Working of the PST to EML Converter:

Method 1: Exporting Outlook PST to Windows Live EML file format

  • Install and open PST to EML software on your system, choose the PST file from the list. Next, hit the Open button.

Outlook to Windows Live Mail

  • Also, you can use the date range feature to exclude unimportant emails.
  • Uncheck the box,  if you don’t need extra filtration. Hit the Convert option to further continue changing the file format.

date range filtration

  • The conversion process will then start. Wait for it to complete the execution.
  •  After some time, the PST file will be successfully converted into EML format.

export PST to WLM

Method 2: Import email Messages to Window Live Mail account

  • Go to the File menu, select import and hit messages tab from the drop-down menu.
  • One can also choose an email client from the listed mail clients as well.
  • Hit  Next and then go to the location where you save the resultant PST file. 
  • Now, press Next and choose the folder you wish to import.
  •  Hit Next to start the importing process.

Above we have discussed the situation ‘how to import Microsoft Outlook PST file to Windows Live Mail?’. As the above blog stated that there is no manual procedure suggested for the issue, so we have listed the possible alternative to resolve the issue. Furthermore, the alternatives method guide by experts provides an appropriate solution without any data risks. I hope you find this tip valuable.

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