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Indian Govt Medical Colleges Surpassess Private Medical Colleges in India

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Medical Council of India in association with Indian government is all set to implement necessary changes in the functioning of medical education in India to optimize it’s quality for the welfare of young medical aspirants.

In the span of the past five years, we have noticed an aggregate emergence of 90 govt medical colleges. This sudden augmentation of colleges have caused the total number of private medical colleges to be surpassed by brand new addition of govt medical colleges in various states of India.

A table showing fluctuation in both govt & pvt medical colleges in India in the last five years.

Years Private Medical CollegesGovt Medical CollegesTotal Medical colleges

Data Source: –  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Explanation of the Stats of Colleges:

  1. In the academic year 2014-15, the total number of pvt medical colleges offering MBBS courses were 215 while the quantity of govt medical colleges were 189.
  1. Now in the current spectrum of academic year 2019-20, the count of pvt medical colleges reached upto 260, on the other hand the govt medical colleges have dominated the ratio with it’s 279 figure.
  2. The total exponential growth of medical colleges in the past five years is 33% against the rising increment of 47% in the number of govt medical colleges in India.

Why the current government authority has inclined to expand the quota of medical seats in India?

Holding on to the fact that more than the average number of aspirants from every other generation is flying abroad to pursue higher education, it’s an inevitable challenge for the authorities to retain this massive immigration.

R VK Paul, A chairman at board of governors (Medical Council of India) propounded his thoughts about the coming paradigm shift in the education policies & different initiatives suggested by the govt. 

Overview of the government’s planning to improve the quality of medical educational infrastructure in India.

  1. The Indian government has a special resolution to transform district hospitals into medical colleges, many states have already started contributing to the development of the medical colleges.
  1. The budget required to construct the medical colleges goes around 300-400 crores & the recurring cost is yet mandatory to run these colleges that has to be 50 crores in approx.

A jump in the growth of undergraduate as well as post-graduate seats have also been observed which is presented at the following table.

Post-Graduate Seats
Under-Graduate Seats

Arun Singhal, A special secretary of the health ministry stated that they are aiming to push the limits of MBBS seats upto the range of 1.2 lakhs which is considered to be a well enhanced number to bear the capacity of students taking admission for medicine courses every year.

Medical Council of India (MCI) has shown it’s intent to increase the force of qualified & well experienced teachers/professors to serve in the spike up of medical colleges. 

  • MCI has introduced a lot of changes to facilitate the excellence of training programs by employing DNB (Diplomate of National Board) holders to teach the students. 
  • In defense services, 250-300 doctors are constantly positioned to offer health related clinical services. These doctors retire early on in their career, so MCI will contemplate using them as a teacher in these colleges till the official retirement age of 70 years. 

Challenges before the government to establish new policies for the well-being of medical education in India:

  • The cost involved in the entire project to set up all these medical colleges & the recurring expenses demands huge expenditure.
  • Building a large number of colleges & maintaining the same standard of infrastructure is a daunting task for the authorities.
  • The deficiency of resources in rural areas is another major challenge for the government to handle on this mission.

Dr MC Misra, former director at AIIMS – Delhi has commented on this ultimate vision of the Medical Council of India which is contradictory to the idea of the government. He suggested that insteading of opening new colleges, it is wise to work on the integrity of existing medical colleges.

Prominent Impacts of Escalating Government Medical Colleges in India: 

  1. Lakhs of Indian medical aspirants who compete for MBBS seats during NEET exam have a special preference towards govt colleges, because of their affinity for legit education & this expansion is definitely a positive indicator for remodeling perspective of Indian medical aspirants & reworking through their decision.
  1. These overall efforts of the government will help the Faculty of the present govt medical colleges will also upgrade for the greater good.
  1. A premium level of medical education will evolve into the colleges due to the absorption of highly trained professors & enhancement of the other components of infrastructure. 
  1. A changing curve of indian students studying in international universities will bend towards indian government medical colleges as a result of modification in the ongoing system of medical education. 

Bottom of the Story

In order to strengthen the education system for excellent medical training programs, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has accompanied the Indian government. They have certain plans to boost the current potential of the medical education body of India. 

As of recent reports, the private medical colleges in India have been surpassed by the number of government medical colleges. 

The government has made plans like converting existing district hospitals into medical colleges, recruiting more educated professors or even DNBs to offer more qualitative & practical training to the students.

There are some conventional challenges for the government to execute all these amendments in the system, however we must try to be optimistic & hope that these missions will be beneficial from the future perspective of the medical educational scenario of the country.
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