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Turn Your Garage into A Home Gym in A Stylish Yet Functional Way

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If the fear of the COVID-19 outbreak is keeping you from the gym, then take the lead of your health. Forget about membership that you’ve already taken, and invest in your home gym (that too in less budget). So, thinking about space now? Ta-da, garage is the best place to set up a personal gym. No other room in your home will have that ample space.

Well, to make it look stylish yet functional, you can do as much or as little as you want. The choice is all yours. Here is what you require to do to get begun.

#1. Declutter your garage

Like so many people’s garages, your space will also be full of items – from kids’ stuff to old and unimportant files. Most of you must have also made your garage a mini storeroom. Correct? If that is the case, then the foremost step you must take is to declutter the room.

Organise everything present in the space and also get rid of the stuff that is of no use. Look for items that you can repurpose and sell the remaining ones to fill your pockets. Clean the space properly, and lastly, sanitise the room to keep the virus away.

#2. Outline the space

Before you get ahead of yourself and plump for the equipment, create a plan considering a few aspects in advance. Factors may include the design of the space, beautifying elements, and the equipment you want to place in your would-be gym.

First of all, measure the area where you are planning to set the gym, then map the position of the equipment. Outline the space in such a way that you have enough space to keep the machine and other elements like TV, music system, or laptop for work. Workout also includes floor exercise, so ensure that you leave some space for the same.

#3. Concentrate on flooring too

Usually, the flooring of garages has hard concrete tiles. They are well-suited to park vehicles or store items but not fit for the gym as you can get sprain in your muscles and joints. For that, you need clean, chemical-free, and ones, which can resist high-intensity movements.

Therefore, you can look for carpet tiles, rubber, foam, or epoxy options for flooring. We would suggest giving thumps up to the epoxy flooring as they are much easy to clean than other choices and also water-resistant. On top of that, rubber gym mats will complement well with epoxy.

#4. Focus on long-lasting equipment

Choosing the best machine to stay fit is a critical step of this project. Try and select the ones that you were using in your gym rather than trying out something new, though the ad looks fantastic.

For the cardio purpose, select either cycle, treadmill, or rower; our vote is for a cycle for less space room. Based on your workout, choose your weightlifting and training gear. Lastly, make sure that the machines that you are selecting are according to your workout routine.

#5. Insulation is the key

Having sufficient airflow is essential for humans in the gym, though cars don’t need it in garages. Also, if you live in a high-humid area, then do think on these lines. The gym can lead to a lot of sweats causing you to feel hot.

You can install air-conditioners or fans to keep the heat under control. In case the temperature is moderate for the whole year, then windows and doors can suit well for cross-ventilation. Further, choose between curtains and blinds; learn which is the better one to put on the windows.

#6. Make it appealing

The most vital thing in the gym that motivates people to exercise is great music. Even some get bored while working out and crave to listen to some good music. Do you agree? To get the real feel of the gym, add some source of entertainment like TV or music system in your gym.

Additionally, you can also install DVD players or even Bluetooth speakers and listen to your favourite jingles.

Final words

Transforming a garage into a personal gym is not only a fun project but will also save you precious time and big bucks in the long run. The above ways will be a great contributor to your long-term achievement. So, kick-start your project, and don’t forget to make some Instagram Reels while working out and have some more fun.

Author Bio:

Hi, I’m Eleena Wills. Being a writer and blogger, I strive to provide informative and valuable articles to people. With quality, constructive, and well-researched articles, one can make informed choices. I cover a wide range of topics, from home improvement to hair styling and automotive.

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