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Interior Design Trends for 2021

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What are the newest interior design trends? Smooth lines and bright colors or the use of metal and glass. These trends will suit a variety of tastes and needs. New trends made another round and again the luxury of Art Deco and strict lines from the times of the industrial revolution are relevant. In the coming year, creative personalities have a place to turn around and show their artistic nature in full.

But what lies ahead? How will our home environment evolve and change? One of the most innovative and exciting experiments of the designers for the upcoming 2021 is the creation of new and unusual materials based on recycling. We are going to see more alternative technologies and a balanced approach between technology and nature. 

We are seeing more and more innovative companies with young designers already experimenting with using leftover materials to create new and amazing things. They are taking things that some consider garbage and create new innovative materials and setting new trends. Natural materials like bamboo, seagrass, or corn have already gained great influence over the production of modern decor details and furniture elements. So, let’s look at the trends that we can expect to see in the coming year: 

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21st Century Art Deco

The color scheme can be very wide, from a combination of pastel tones with gray to rich, dark colors. Everything that resembles precious stones and tropical flowers, all the range of natural combinations. But in any case, the finishing materials should have a luxurious texture such as velour, velvet, or leather. 

Sharp geometric shapes should be forgotten. They can only emphasize the sensual roundness of furniture. Accent lamps made in gold and silver with a frosted white glass of simple shapes are preferred. If the metal is black, it should be emphasized with shiny details.

Metal and Glass

Forgotten metal “greenhouse” doors with glass will be perfect for most interiors in 2021. This is a very elegant, airy, black constructions with clear glass. Interior and shower partitions, glass partition walls with swing doors are the areas where this design can be applied. It ideally solves the problem of large open areas that need to be zoned.

Such doors look easy and perform their function of dividing the space, but at the same time, they do not burden the interior visually. If necessary, curtains will help to further separate the rooms. The combination of metal frames and draperies looks unusual and luxurious.

Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style has not yet exhausted its capabilities. Classical furniture of the mid-century is experiencing a rebirth. Proven by time, it finds a new life in Scandinavian interiors. The natural texture of the tree, gray tones combined with color accents, geometric ornaments, light walls are the characteristics of this style.

Such an interior shouldn’t be completely overloaded with details. A mandatory original lamp or floor lamp, which emphasizes the simplicity of the interior will be enough.

“Naked” Interior

The minimalist style will reach its peak. The trend mainly uses neutral and warm colors. Black metal details and textured tweed surfaces highlight the beauty of natural gray shades. Concrete becomes independent as a finishing material. This design will be especially relevant in the bathrooms.

A micro-concrete finish allows you to create a real luxurious and concise interior. If it is not possible to use real concrete, decorative plaster will be suitable. Depending on the desired effect, you can add copper and rattan accessories. Plants will look especially good in this monochrome gamma.

Sea World

Marine motifs and ornaments in all their diversity will become fashionable. The shape of the shell echoes well with modern art deco and will be embodied in furniture, decoration materials, and accessories. Armchairs and sofas in the shape of a shell, upholstered by velveteen and velvet look especially luxurious.

The fish scale pattern looks original on many different materials. Tiles with a scallop sink and lizard skin pattern will be appropriate in bathrooms, kitchens and even hallways. Images of marine life will successfully complement any interior.

Honey and Milk

The combination of warm caramel shades in the interior will turn your home into a corner of tranquility and comfort. Shades of caramel and mustard will look great together with light creamy tones and ivory. The furniture frame in honey color will enhance this effect. It is only necessary to revive the “sweet” gamma of the interior with contrasting inserts and accessories.



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