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Myths or Facts of Mass Gainers, know before you use one

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When someone starts their journey in bodybuilding, the first thing they get advised to do is bulk-up. Bulking up simply means gaining muscle. The main nutrient for muscle gain is protein and carbs. The bulking diet is intense and requires constant protein and carbs consumption. That’s why many people go for supplements to gain muscle quickly. The most popular type of supplement for gaining muscle and weight is Mass Gainer. It is considered one of the best weight gainers powders for bulking up.

What Is a Mass Gainer Supplement?

The key to gaining muscle mass quickly is to reduce fat and supplement with protein and carbs. A mass gainer protein supplement is a dietary supplement that is heavy in protein, moderate in carbs and low in fats. It is the most preferred way bodybuilders like to bulk up. High protein content in a mass gainer supplement helps in muscle growth.  Mass gainer supplements are the best high protein weight gainer supplements.

Who Should Take Mass Gainer Supplement?

The obvious group of people are bodybuilders, and it is a very important part of their regime. Someone who generally struggles to gain weight and build muscle should also consider using a mass gainer supplement. People who are thin and want to start their journey into fitness. People who have lean bodies also known as Ectomorphs and people who are naturally athletic with well-defined muscles are also known as Mesomorphs.

Benefits of Mass Gainer Supplement

  •       Provides high-quality protein – mass gainer supplements provide high-quality protein in large quantities. This helps in weight and muscle gain. Some mass gainer supplements are rich in whey protein, but there are some mass gainer supplements which contain both whey and plant protein. Look for mass gainers with dietary fibers for lean muscles.
  •       Provides carbohydrates – mass gainers can contain up to three times more carbs than a regular protein supplement. These carbohydrates help with the required energy that is very helpful for an intense workout.
  •       Helps in muscle growth and recovery – bodybuilding needs an intense regime to get the required results. Muscle growth and recovery are one of the crucial factors in this. Mass gainer helps with muscle growth and recovery.
  •       Provides essential vitamins and minerals – mass gainer supplements contain a good blend of essential vitamins and minerals, vital for growth and development. They provide nourishment to the body. Vitamins and minerals keep the body healthy and fit. Mass gainer supplements provide vitamins and minerals that also helps to fulfill the daily requirement.
  •       Contain probiotics and fiber – mass gainer supplements are a rich source of probiotics and fibers that aids in digestion and helps to avoid bloating.

We live in an age of information overload, where there is too much information about everything. The information is available at our fingertips, but not all is authentic. Health supplements are not immune to misinformation, and there is plenty of bad info about health supplements. A mass gainer is one of the commonly used supplements in the fitness community, so there is a lot of bad information about them. This bad information leads to a lot of confusion for those who want to use mass gainer supplements.

Let’s try to bust some of the myths related to mass gainer supplement

  1.       Myth – There is no difference between mass gainer and weight gainer supplements

Fact – let’s begin with the big one, many people think that mass gainer and weight gainer supplements are all the same. This cannot be further from the truth. The difference has been demonstrated in the following table

Parameter Weight Gainer Mass Gainer
Benefit Weight Gain Muscle Mass Gain
Target Audience Ectomorphs Mesomorphs
Amount of protein Extremely low High
Amount of fat Moderate Low
Amount of carbohydrates High Moderate
Calories 650-1000 Kcal Above 1000 Kcal


  1.       Myth – Mass gainer supplements are not safe to consume

Fact – mass gainer contains high quantities of protein and Carbs; hence people think that it causes load on the kidneys. This depends on the number of servings. If you consume mass gainer as per directed, then it will not put load on the kidneys. Some express concern over the quality of the ingredients so it is important to take a mass gainer supplement that is quality assured and GMP certified

  1.       Myth – Mass gainer supplement makes the user fat

Fact – this is, again, absurd! mass gainers are made in such a way so that it provides high amounts of protein, moderate amounts of carbs, and low amounts of fats. Mass gainer assist in gaining lean mass that can be used to develop muscles through exercise. The proper balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is present in mass gainer protein, allowing it to consume more calories overall, which can then be used to fuel your workouts and develop your muscles.

  1.       Myth – Mass gainer ingredients don’t work

Fact – Mass gainer contains ingredients that are essential for bulking up. Protein, Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are proven nutrients required by the body. Many mass gainer supplements provide clinically tested ingredients.

While selecting a good mass gainer, always look for supplements with high protein and carbs content. Fast&Up mass gainer also provides a metabolism control blend that promotes muscle growth and recovery. It is made with high quality European sourced whey protein and is 100% vegetarian.

As discussed, mass gainer is an excellent way to increase muscle mass and strength by quickly increasing the calorie intake. Always remember, consuming mass gainer should be accompanied by an intense workout. In absence of intense training, one will put on body fat with such high calorie intake. 

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