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Top 8 foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

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Poor dental health might cause crowding, infection, and damage to your teeth, and later it becomes a bit tough to clean them. Many people opt for wisdom tooth removal to address all these concerns. 

Many people might wonder what to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

Things you choose to eat after the surgery must be easy to chew. They must also have plenty of protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins to help wound healing. 

wisdom tooth removal

Let’s have a look at the top 8 foods you must eat after wisdom teeth removal. 

Blended soups

A great option after your surgery is pumpkin or tomato soup. They are easy to ingest and don’t contain bits that can damage the surgery area. 

Furthermore, soups are usually rich in minerals and vitamins. This allows you to fulfill the needs of daily nutrition. These soups can also help you stay hydrated, which is an essential factor after surgery. 

It’s better to ensure that your soups are either cold or lukewarm, because hot soups might be irritating. Also, make sure to blend soups as soft as possible to avoid chunks. 


Like soups, broths are an ideal nourishment source after surgery. Not only do they contain a variety of minerals and vitamins, but they have a good taste too. In addition, broths help you stay hydrated. 

Bone broth is highly recommended for its numerous health benefits. It’s a nutritious broth made by fermenting connective tissue and animal bones. 

Greek yogurt

This is another highly nutritious food you can eat after your surgery. It has a creamy and smooth texture that might help numb and soothe your mouth. 

Greek yogurt is rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals like zinc and calcium. 

High-protein foods might help with quicker healing. Furthermore, research shows that a sufficient zinc intake might promote wound healing. 

But if your body already has a good amount of zinc, eating more zinc might not give you any more benefits. In particular, many other zinc-rich foods like meats and steaks are hard to eat after wisdom teeth removal, so Greek yogurt can be an ideal choice. 

Mashed potatoes 

There are several ways to prepare potatoes. In particular, mashed potatoes can be a soothing food after your dental surgery. 

Potatoes have a lot of nutrients and calories, which are both important for getting better. 

Mashed potatoes give you plenty of energy and nutrients in only a few bites, which is a better option if you are finding it difficult to eat sufficient food. Just ensure that they are cold or lukewarm. 

Scrambled eggs

Eggs are one of the finest things to eat after your surgery. They offer high-quality protein that is rich in minerals and vitamins. 

Try to buy omega-3 or pasteurized egg varieties. Omega-3 contains healthy fat, which might help in wound healing. 

If you compare these eggs to other egg dishes, they may be easier to chew and swallow.


Apples are crunchy and hard, which isn’t a good option to eat after wisdom teeth removal. Trying applesauce is a perfect way to enhance your fruit intake and also helps in averting irritation. 

But applesauce is usually made from apples that have been pureed. These apples are usually cored and skinless, which reduces their nutritional value. 

However, a skinless apple is an ideal source of vitamin C, and this might help in enhancing the immune system, which in turn may also promote the healing process. 

Mashed bananas

Bananas are one of the most famous fruits all over the world. Their smooth texture makes them simpler to chew and swallow after surgery. 

Also, bananas are very healthy and have a lot of minerals and vitamins, such as folate, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin C. 

Mashing bananas can also smooth their texture to lower the chances of discomfort. 

Instant oatmeal

For high nutrition, oats are also a good option. They are a perfect source of fiber and also provide minerals and vitamins. 

Oats have a sticky and chewy texture, so it is highly recommended to eat them after 3 to 4 days after dental surgery. 

You can choose instant oatmeal as it is less chewy. To avoid discomfort, ensure the oats are cooled down before you consume them. 

Are you experiencing swelling or jaw pain, swollen or red gums, and in search of the best place for wisdom teeth removal? Contact our dentists at Grandview Dental Clinic to get rid of all these oral issues. Our professionals can also give you advice on what to eat after wisdom teeth removal. 

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