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Odoo App Integration: The Key to Successfully Manage Your Business

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About Odoo

Over 7 million people use Odoo, a well-liked open-source ERP. It is a more recent version of ERP software that may be used without charge to manage business operations. There are two versions of Odoo: the community edition, which allows for customization and has fewer capabilities. The other is called Odoo Enterprise, and it has a tonne of functionality and customisation options. A group of business Odoo apps from Odoo ERP, also known as OpenERP, known as ready-made Odoo apps, function as a whole to complete a business management system. 

Odoo App Integration

Odoo is a reputed platform for building and handling eCommerce business store apps. Shopify Odoo connector app by expert Odoo developer Softpulse Infotech. Shopify is a complete business platform that enables you to launch, run, and expand a company. 

This Odoo app should be used if a Shopify provider decides to use Odoo as their back-end ERP system. The Shopify Odoo app Connector will assist integrate and handle various activities when connecting Shopify with Odoo. It is now easy to import and export orders, customers, and product information between Shopify and Odoo. Designed with the latest & fastest Odoo module 16.0.

Businesses have a whole new range of options thanks to Odoo 16. They not only completely revamped all necessary components, but they also overloaded each module with extra features and services. Odoo 16 provides effective business solutions that may help organisations grow.

Shopify Odoo Connector features

  • Detailed product import from Shopify to Odoo
  • One Odoo database can be used to manage many Shopify stores.
  • Odoo export to Shopify: Single Record of Product, Customer, and Sale Order
  • Customer export/update from Odoo to Shopify
  • Sale Orders from Shopify imported into Odoo
  • Products from Odoo can be exported to Shopify in full.
  • Cron synchronisation between Shopify and Odoo for sale orders
  • You can export specific records for Products, Customers, and Sale Orders from Odoo to Shopify
  • Customer import from Shopify to Odoo
  • Export Sale Orders from Odoo to Shopify

Benefits of integrating Shopify Store with Odoo

It’s interesting to note that the essential principles of conducting business remain the same whether it’s a physical store or an online e-commerce website. Similar to managing a physical business, an online retailer needs to be proficient in both the front and back ends of the supply chain, human resources, inventory, sales, and marketing. A strong backend is just as crucial to a functional website as a fantastic front end.

One of the best open-source options in such a situation for organising a variety of tasks under one roof is Odoo ERP. Popular e-commerce platform Shopify provides virtual commercial land to launch and run a constantly flourishing firm. It manages a vast array of operations and provides payment support for dozens of firms that handle payments. One of Shopify’s crowning achievements is the payment processing feature. Shopify promotes the use of various social media platforms and online stores to boost sales on their platform.

You will be able to significantly optimise your shipping options with the help of Odoo eCommerce integration. You can track your products in real time by integrating directly with logistics companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc.

Also, You can utilise this integration for things like warehouse management, inventory changes, replenishment plans, shipping setup and operations, advanced routes, and barcodes. Let’s know some of the top features and benefits of Odoo eCommerce integration.

Product Storage management: 

While the eCommerce Odoo module makes it simple to add and change products for your store, integrations provide you with the ability to do more. You can track the status of product stock by integrating inventories with your online store. Based on the inventory information, it assists in removing out-of-stock items. Additionally, you can add favourites and use product filters.

Database of customers: 

Using Odoo connectors, you may keep track of vital client information including their browsing and shopping habits and wish lists. You can redesign your eCommerce store for the web or mobile using this data to optimise your digital marketing activities.

Integration of payment gateways: 

For customers to feel comfortable making purchases from your store, you must offer a variety of payment alternatives. So, a key step in optimising your online store is integrating plugins and programmes to handle numerous payment channels.

Cloud Base:

Integrating your cloud-based ERP will provide you comprehensive access to your online store from any location at any time. When you pick Odoo Enterprise, you may view your store’s dashboard from the mobile app in addition to using a PC to visit Odoo Community. 

Increased sales: 

Integrating the sales module will enable you to track and thoroughly analyse sales data. You can either use this information to better your marketing tactics or to streamline your sales procedures.

Why Is Odoo Needed by eCommerce Businesses?

Odoo has garnered a reputation as the “one-stop solution” for business operations thanks to the integration of ERP and CRM functionalities. Odoo is used by businesses because it provides an all-encompassing integrated solution.

The Odoo Enterprise edition is convenient on a desktop or through Odoo Online, which is hosted in the cloud and obtainable from any location and device. The Odoo Community version, on the other hand, is exclusively offered as a desktop CRM and ERP system.


Time to work with an Odoo developer! In order to make Odoo meet your specific requirements, our team of developers will collaborate with you to understand your company operations. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without Odoo’s user-friendly design and simplified features. Now is the time to hire an Odoo developer and grow your company.

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