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Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder for Muscle Gain

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Veganism as a lifestyle is on the rise. A vegan diet is getting increasingly popular amongst people. Healthy vegan diets are all around the internet. 

Plant protein supplements are becoming increasingly more popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. One big worry many vegans have is that consuming vegan supplements may not help them in muscle gain. Nothing can be further from the truth; multiple plant protein powders for muscle gain are available on the market, which helps in muscle gain. Vegan protein supplements are just as effective in muscle gain and bodybuilding as whey protein supplements. This is because plant-based supplements are cleaner than other protein supplements. The hesitancy in using a vegan protein supplement comes from misinformation like plant protein is not a complete protein or whey protein is better than plant protein. 

 What are the different sources of plant protein  

  •       Soy protein – soy protein is One of the most effective and bioavailable sources of plant protein. Soy protein is a high-protein vegan food that gets absorbed relatively quickly. It also contains natural sources of amino acids like glutamine, which is excellent for promoting muscle growth and reducing the amount of damage the body is exposed to by speeding up the healing process.
  •       Pea protein – Pea protein is a high-quality protein made from legumes rich in vegetables, like peas, where fiber and carbohydrates are removed during the process. For maximum benefits, pea protein must be combined with another high-quality protein source because it is not a complete protein.
  •       Brown rice protein – brown rice also contains a high amount of protein. Additionally, it is high in magnesium and fiber, which both help to regulate blood sugar. A high quantity of antioxidants found in brown rice can help fight off harmful free radicals and lessen body inflammation. Consuming brown rice over white rice aids in weight loss, a decrease in BMI, and a reduction in the size of your hips and waist.
  •       Grains – although grains are often associated with carbohydrates, they also contain a significant amount of protein. For example, half a cup of oats provides 5g of protein. Barley or quinoa also adds 5 to 6 grams. 

How does vegan protein powder help in muscle gain 

Muscle building is not the word that would come to anyone’s mind when they hear vegan protein. But in fact, vegan protein supplements are helpful in gaining muscles. Plant-based protein-rich powders are used by many athletes and bodybuilders who are vegan. Multiple ingredients in a vegan protein powder can help in muscle gain. 

  •       Protein content 

Obviously, the most important nutrient is protein. Protein helps to build muscles, thus improving strength and stamina. While consuming a vegan protein supplement for muscle gain, both the quantity and quality of protein matter a lot. For muscle gain, the body requires more protein than the recommended quantity of 0.8g per body weight. Hence a protein-rich powder that provides 30g of high-quality protein is best for muscle gain. Plant protein derived from one single source may lack all the essential amino acids; hence a vegan supplement with a blend of high-quality protein sauces such as pea and brown rice is recommended.  

  •       Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Although a blend of vegan protein is rich in all amino acids, it won’t hurt to have more BCAAs. The three BCAAs are Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine. They are important for muscle growth, development and maintaining their size. BCAAs are also key in protein synthesis and muscle development. A protein supplement that provides an additional amount of BCAAs definitely helps in gaining muscles faster.

  •       Glutamine 

Glutamine is an amino acid often considered as a building block of protein. Glutamine is essential for protein synthesis, which helps in muscle gain. Glutamine also helps in muscle recovery after intense training. Hence glutamine is an important ingredient in a vegan protein supplement. 

Numerous studies have shown that plant protein powders are just as excellent as or even superior to protein powders derived from whey. In a study comparing whey and pea protein in 2015, pea protein was shown to stimulate superior muscle growth. When compared to animal-based protein, rice protein was shown in a 2013 study from Nutritional Journal to be connected with improved power, strength, and body mass.

Vegan protein supplements are a safe bet for muscle gain post-workout. While choosing a plant-protein supplement, also look for things such as quality of ingredients, free from sugar, no additives/metals to be added, and flavors available. Protein powders certified by organizations like informed sports are banned substance tested and are safe for athletes. It’s never too late to start your fitness journey with vegan protein powder. Consuming vegan protein is not a compromise; it’s a joy. 


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