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PTE Listening Overview: Get In-Depth Knowledge & Tips to Improve Your Score

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Did you know that during your PTE-A test, you could take a 10 minutes break before attempting the PTE Academic Listening task?

Are you wondering, “How is that helpful?”

Many of you are facing the problem of TIME MANAGEMENT. And the reason behind that is not only that you could not manage your time correctly, but also your inability to concentrate during the PTE Listening task and that is because you are exhausted by now.

Let’s know all about PTE Listening to manage time and score better.

PTE Listening is the fourth part of your exam that carries 20-22 Questions and needs to be completed in 45-57 minutes, depending upon your set of the question paper. It comprises of 8 tasks that require a lot of concentration. Let’s know about them:

Summarize Spoken Text: You get to listen to a recording of 60-90 seconds that you have to summarize into 50-70 words. You get 10 minutes to finish this task.

Tip: You can write in 6-7 minutes and review it in 2-3 minutes.

Focus point: Grammar and spelling should be correct.

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple answers:

You will listen to a recording of 40-90 seconds in this task. You have to choose one or more answer that is correct.

Tips: Do not mark the answer if you are not sure about it. Negative marking is applicable.

Focus point: Note down all the essential points when the recording is played.

Fill in the Blanks:

You get 7 seconds before the recording starts; try to skim through the transcript to get a general idea.

Tip: Leave the answer blank if you are not confident about it.

Focus point: Use the exact word and keep a check on the spellings and grammar.

Highlight Correct Summary:

The length of the recording will be 30-90 seconds. You will be given different options to select from for the correct summary.

Tip: Listen to the recording to understand the meaning and then move to the text.

Focus point: Focus on the keywords that are subject descriptive.

Multiple Choice, Single Answer:

You will get 30-60 seconds to listen to the recording. Out of given options, you have to choose only a single answer.

Tip: Do not depend on the keywords. Also, listening to the end of the recording is advisable.

Focus point: Focus on understanding the context.

Select Missing Word:

You will listen to a recording of 30-60 words. You will also have the text to fill the missing words in it.

Tip: Try to understand & identify the main idea of the text.

Focus point: Use proper grammar & focus on coherence and cohesiveness.

Highlight incorrect words:

In this task, you have to listen to a recording for 20-70 seconds. You choose 7 incorrect words in this task; there are not more than 7 incorrect words in it.

Tip: Skim through the text in the initial 10 seconds; before the recording starts.

Focus point: Use proper grammatical words. Do not write the wrong answers.

Write from Dictation:

This task asks you to write the words from the dictation given in the recording, in the correct order with right spellings.

Tip: Type as you hear. Focus on using proper grammar.

Focus point: Start the sentence with the capital and end with a full stop.

General Tips to improve PTE listening:

  1. Practice listening to English shows with different accents & authentic English texts.
  2. Identify the main supporting ideas and summarise.
  3. Understanding spoken English is essential.
  4. While practising focus on grammar, stressed syllables, and functional words.


“The more you know; the more you become confident”.

PTE preparation if appropriately done, the confidence to clear the PTE-A Test increases.
For which, you must have a piece of in-depth knowledge about each task, you must know how to manage the time and how to make your English skills stronger. The best plan to manage your time is to understand and recognise the tasks you are good at, and you would take less time to complete them.

By now, you have got enough in-depth details about each task. Analyse and plan your time accordingly.

Proper Practice + Smart work = Success.

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