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Tissot: What Makes It A Respectable Brand?

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A little luck, a little skill, some concentration and power of will, a little bit of love, a lot of pain, and every reason to remember the name. No, these are not the lyrics to a popular song. Well, they kind of are but the point made here is that this is exactly how one would describe Tissot’s journey throughout the years of its operations in the watch market. The brand has literally seen it all. But so have many other fellow watchmakers in the industry. So, what is that makes Tissot a really competent and respectable brand? Let’s find out.

Not A Luxury Brand But A Respectable Brand

The Tissot brand is more often than not portrayed as a luxury timepiece brand. The reality, however, is a little different. Tissot is positioned as an entry-level watch brand that allows people to experience the Swiss standards at a very affordable price. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, this is a big advantage for the brand as well as its parent organisation, the Swatch Group.

The timepieces are precise, accurate, and state of the art. The timepieces utilise the same ETA movements that are found in many of the top references in the Swiss watch market. Classic features such as the use of sapphire crystals and durable components in movements are prevalent in Tissot watches for men.

As far as the fit and finesse are concerned, it is safe to say that the watchmaker simply nailed it. The timepieces have a certain gravitas that not only makes them desirable but also adds the much-needed sumptuousness. Simply put, Tissot watches are among the few genuine Swiss brands that offer a holistic package in terms of value for money as well as class.

How and Where Exactly Are Tissot Watches Made?

Tissot watches are Swiss made. As simple as that. The trick is understanding that statement. You see, in order to be able to get that ‘Swiss-made’ tag, a manufacturer needs to use a Swiss movement and the watch itself must have at least 50 per cent of its added value originate in Switzerland. In addition to that, the watches have to be assembled as well as inspected in Switzerland too. This is exactly why Tissot is still considered as one of the major players in the Swiss watch market. They simply give watch enthusiasts with rather shallow pockets a way to live that Swiss experience at very low prices.

It is still important to be aware of counterfeits. There are, needless to say, many cheap and fake Tissot watches available. So if you are buying watches online, be careful and tread cautiously.

Let’s Talk Warranty

The brand backs up its products even after sales and that is a trait that is common in all good brands. Tissot offers a 2 years long warranty on all its watches. The warranty covers all manufacturing and craftsmanship related issues and defects. In such cases, the watch will be repaired and put to its original state. In a situation where repairing the watch would not fix the problem, the watch would be replaced completely with the same model or a similar one with matching characteristics.

To make sure that you can claim the warranty when required, you need to get the warranty card duly stamped and written off by the authorised retailer from whom you are buying the watch.

Benefits Of A Tissot

All that shebang about Tissot brings us to this final piece where we would discuss the benefits of Tissot watches for men and women.

  • Quality Supreme

If there is something you need to know about Tissot, it is that they are very good at making quality watches. Despite all the noise on the internet about issues surrounding Tissot, the brand is a proud provider of authentic Swiss-made timepieces.

  • Complications

What if you were told that you could own every complication known to man at a fraction of the price that most top brands demand? That is right. Tissot watches offer all the complications you can literally think of and that too at unbelievable prices. Be it tourbillons, skeletonised dials, chronographs, minute repeaters, or retrogrades, they have it all.

  • The Swiss Trust

You have to admit that there is something about Swiss watches that makes you want to wear them. Maybe it’s just a fad, maybe not. Regardless, Swiss timepieces are always intriguing. Add this with an authentic 2-year warranty and trust, and we have ourselves, Tissot. The brand offers worldwide warranty services and that is something worth appreciating.

In conclusion, Tissot watches score well on both the areas where watches are tested in, namely, value and quality. Perhaps, that is why they do deserve to be trusted and respected as a watch brand.

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