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Top 5 Biggest Competitors of YouTube That You Should Know About

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For a very long time, YouTube had claimed its spot of being one of the most significant video streaming (it has over 2 billion active users per month) and video hosting platforms in the world, but it isn’t the only one out there. What made YouTube the most popular one is its features that enthralled the users because of its simple usability and broad availability with various content ranging from kids, teens to old aged persons.

 Other video sharing platforms are potential competitors to YouTube who offer video sharing and hosting services free of cost, affordable prices with a wide range of availability unlike YouTube, and maybe a few of them even better than YouTube. Youth is preferring other platforms over YouTube to the exclusive content only available on these platforms, hence here it is, and the following are the Top 5 Biggest Competitors of YouTube that you should know about:

1. Netflix

netflix videos

There are over 167 million subscribers of Netflix as of 2020, turning Netflix into a tycoon, and the number isn’t going to go down any sooner. Netflix provides binge-watchable and exciting series that swoon in the viewers away from the worldly pressures. Along with their original series, Netflix offers anime, movies, and documentaries that are quite thought-provoking. It is suitable for all age groups providing exclusively content readily available at one-stop for everyone.

As Netflix offers movies and Netflix series that enable the viewers to watch them at one go, it had attracted more subscribers over the years. It is in a leading position, a potential threat to YouTube that offers limited content in movies and series. Personalization by Netflix tops over other platforms making it even more worthy. 

As it offers paid services that are worth watching, it isn’t odd that everyone is switching to Netflix that suits their preferences and provides a wide range of shows in one place. It is just ideal for all age groups who are trying to get hold of the new series that only aired out, is available on an unlimited number of devices, anywhere, anytime, also available offline. 

People seem to prefer Netflix over YouTube premium, which promises to offer ad-free content. Hence Netflix is like an abyss we all need to have or wish to have, making its footmark noticeable in the video streaming industry. As of 2019, Netflix has bagged a revenue of 19.86 billion USD, and it substantially increased in 2020, with rising viewers.

2. Amazon Prime

amazon prime videos

As per the statistics, there are more than 150 million subscribers for the Amazon prime video, making it the second popular after Netflix. Amazon prime video offers multilingual video content ranging from movies to series. As it provides prime originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Just Add magic, Bosch along with other shows that could be watched right away on their release like The Boys, The Game of Thrones, etc. 

There is a reason why people prefer to have Amazon prime over YouTube. It is to watch exclusive content. Also, only at affordable prices can you access a wide range of movies and TV shows inclusive of kids’ content. The key roles are availability and affordability rather than browsing for hours over the web for that series that we wanted to binge-watch so severely. 

People prefer subscribing to Amazon prime video that is just a few clicks away. As Amazon Prime Video also offers rentals, it is possible to watch that one favorite movie of yours rather than subscribing to the whole plan. With over 64 percent of the households subscribing for the Amazon prime services in almost 200 countries worldwide, the numbers are exponentially increasing.

3. Hulu

hulu videos

After Walt Disney took over Hulu in May 2019. Hulu has observed an income of nearly 1.3 Billion USD in revenue of subscribers alone, adding the ad revenue of 700 Million USD last year. It is safe to say that it is a big giant in the video streaming industry. 

As of 2020, Huluis charging 68.11 USD per user on live TV services and 11.29 on SVoD in the third quarter of the year 2020, with 35.5 million subscribers, Hulu had established itself in third place as the most significant competitors of YouTube after Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With its unique content and offering of Live TV services, it is one of its kind, unlike other platforms. With its on-demand series and original content, it still has the potential to overthrow other competitors.

4. Dailymotion

dailymotion videos

Everyone likes free things, and Dailymotion is the icing on the cake to switch from YouTube to it. It is a perfect alternative for uploading videos as hosts and watch millions of videos. Its availability worldwide with a wide range of content makes it stand in the competition line with over 300 million users.

5. Vimeo

vimeo videos

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo offers an ad-free experience because of its tactics to make money through advertisement companies by selling its hosting services. Hence annoying pre-roll ads can be avoided. With its wide range of plans, HD quality videos, and features and plans that suit video host preferences, it is garnering more subscribers.


Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video have contractual relations with the production companies. You can also stream Crunchyroll for free for your different types of entertainment, over YouTube.  

Management can stream and preserve libraries of movies and series for the viewers at their subscription plans, which make them more preferable over random videos and endless swiping and search for that one video that fulfilling content video. Also, by means password sharing makes it possible for these platforms to divert viewers’ pool from other platforms. 

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