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What is Fertility Preservation and Why Need Fertility Preservation in Delhi

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What is Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is very important for cancer patients who are going through cancer treatment or taking any treatment which affects their reproductive system then fertility preservation is needed. There are many types of fertility preservation depending on your condition.

Embryo(s) and Egg freezing

Ovarian suppression

Ovarian transposition

Ovarian tissue freezing

In any early-stage gynecologic cancers

Infertility preservation doctors take semen or egg samples then freeze them in sub-zero temperatures. To preserve hope. The fertility-preserving process also includes freezing extra embryos obtained from the IVF cycle.

Semen Preservation

Infertility is a common issue nowadays this reproductive system issue can cause you an inability to get pregnant or for cancer patients who are going to take cancer treatment, it is very important that they do semen preservation before starting treatment. Because in cancer treatment your chances of infertility issue increase so it is very important for a male to do semen preservation. If in any case, your cancer treatment has started then chemotherapy or radiation can affect you semen cells. In that case, meet with your health care specialist as soon as possible.

Embryo Preservation

Embryo freezing is a very important part of the IVF cycle. Because storing the obtained embryos by IVF, ovarian stimulation, and egg retrieval. This egg retrieving process is done, a reproductive endocrinologist. This Embryos preservation is very important because for future IVF cycle gynaecologist can easily do treatment and directly inject the embryos into the uterus. This way the cost of treatment reduces and the success rate of IVF treatment increases. And for women who are above 35, this is most important to preserve high-quality embryos.

Ovarian tissue freezing

As in Embryos and Egg preservation, the very less number of the high-quality egg can be frozen for future uses but in ovarian tissue freezing, you can freeze a large number of immature eggs for future uses. In this procedure, doctor reimplants Ovarian tissue in the body can regain its functions. And after implanting ovarian tissue into body tissue start developing and become retrievable in an IVF treatment.

Ovarian suppression

One of the fertility preservation technique in which ovaries is blood flow in minimized to protect eggs within ovaries. In this procedure, GnRH agonists have used the reason behind ovarian suppression is to provide safety from cancer treatment and with chemotherapy treatment.

Ovarian transposition

Ovarian transposition procedure is used for patients who are receiving pelvic radiation can consider this procedure of treatment. ovarian transposition is the best option for women who are going through cancer treatment and if there is a high risk of infertility issue then you can use the ovarian transposition procedure. In this procedure, doctors need very treatment requirements and the fallopian tubes are transacted from the uterus just to ensure that adequate mobilization of the ovaries. And this provider doctor avoids including RT fields.

Why Need Fertility Preservation in Delhi

The Fertility preservation in Delhi is very affordable and the treatment success rate is very high. That why many couples from different cities visit the IVF centre in Delhi for Fertility Preservation. The cost of fertility preservation ranges between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 but this cost can increase as per your medical condition and the per changes for preservation 15,000 to Rs,30,000 but the cost is never the same it depends on centre to centre.

It is important to know the risk factors of your cancer treatment in your reproductive system so it is important to ask your doctor whether you should do fertility preservation or not but in any case doing fertility preservation is good because if in any case any time in life you face problem in getting pregnant you can use your freezing egg or semen for your pregnancy.

Also the cost of fertility preservation is very affordable but in some case it can go higher as per medical condition but anyhow for women who are getting cancer treatment is important to do fertility preservation because if you have done fertility preservation then the cost of your pregnancy treatment will be very less and in many ways you can have cost of treatment and that why you don’t need to do tough with IVF treatment that why fertility preservation is very important for both couples.

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