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What is the Difference Between Asphalt and Concrete?

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When paving a parking lot, paving with asphalt or concrete is the main method. However, there may be many people who do not understand each difference. In fact, there is a clear difference between asphalt and concrete. Some parts are similar, but each one has many different features. Mostly the concrete is used locally because people do not hire concrete experts and for the use of asphalt pavement they need to hire driveway paving contractors. In this discussion, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of asphalt and concrete.

difference between asphalt and concrete

Table of contents

  • The difference between asphalt and concrete
  • Characteristics of asphalt pavement
  • Characteristics of concrete pavement
  • Which home parking lot is better?
  • Summary

The difference between asphalt and concrete

Let’s first look at the difference between asphalt and concrete. Each feature is as follows. Asphalt is made of hydrocarbons contained in crude oil and softens when the heat is applied. The time to set is short and it looks blackish.

Concrete is “cement” crushed limestone or clay into powder and solidified sand and water. Concrete is solidified by adding water. The time to set is long and it looks whitish.

Characteristics of asphalt pavement

I have introduced the difference between asphalt and concrete. Next, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of asphalt pavement.


Lower unit price
Asphalt pavement is relatively cheaper than concrete pavement. The material itself is cheap, but it takes less time than concrete.

Construction time is short
Asphalt is made of oil and can be used as soon as it hardens.

Adjustable drainage and permeability
Asphalt can be made easy to regulate the flow of water, so it can be paved to enhance drainage and permeability. Asphalt can be used according to the place and environment to be paved in this way.


Less durable as
asphalt is less durable, it has a shorter life. Therefore, it is necessary to do repair work every few years.

Low heat resistance
Oils are easily soluble in heat, so heat resistance is low. This makes it softer when it hits the sun and makes it easier to mark car tires. In addition, it tends to be hot during hot seasons and promotes the “heat island phenomenon” in which the temperature rises mainly in urban areas.

Characteristics of concrete pavement

Here I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of concrete pavement.


High durability
Concrete is hard and strong, so there is no need to work every few years, and the frequency of repairs is reduced. In addition, it is big merit as a pavement of the parking lot that it is hard to get the mark of the car because of its hardness.

Heat resistant as it is

More heat resistant than asphalt, it keeps the temperature from rising even in hot summer months. It can also be expected to suppress the heat island phenomenon.


Concrete pavement, which has a high unit price, requires time and effort for construction. Therefore, the unit price will be high.

It is difficult to add construction
Once the concrete is constructed, it will be difficult to add construction later. Because additional construction takes considerable construction time, the cost will also be high.

Which is better if it is a home parking lot?

In terms of cost, asphalt is cheaper when compared between asphalt and concrete. However, considering durability, concrete is safer. Although the initial cost is higher for concrete, it seems that many people choose concrete pavement, including maintenance.

Although it is the cost of paving, the size of the parking lot also changes depending on other options such as “line drawing” that draws a white line to the parking lot.

The market price for expenses is around 1 square meter 45 USD for asphalt pavement, and around 1 square meter 90 USD for concrete pavement. However, as I explained earlier, the price changes depending on various factors. Contact your supplier to get an estimate of what kind of procedure you will use for paving.


Asphalt and concrete have differences in durability and heat resistance. When paving a parking lot, let’s choose which to use after comparing the merits and demerits of it rather than deciding only on the price because it is cheap.

You may also consult with a contractor if you are troubled with either concrete paving or asphalt paving. The pavement is suitable for the parking lot. When asking a vendor, make a quote to several vendors and try to compare the amount and content.

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