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7 Best Plugins To Create Custom WordPress Login Pages

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Are you converting website to WordPress theme to start a blog or subscription-based websites? Then you must know about these plugins which help create custom WordPress login pages. You need to have a website with a distinct look to position it as a singular brand. The default login screen defeats the purpose of building a brand. Customizing the appearance of the page will help in integrating it into the overall design scheme of the website. It will also give a professional look to the entire interface. Personalizing the screen can be a difficult task for people who do not have any coding skills. Such website owners can use the custom login page generator plugins mentioned here to build highly-personalized screens.

1. Custom Login

A robust tool with versatile features, Custom Login is a popular choice among users clocking over 60,000 active installations. This open source software is well-supported by its developers and receives regular updates. The solution has numerous personalization options for each element of the page. Users can conduct modifications to each element separately by visiting the plugin’s design settings. They will find that separate configuration options have been provided for logo, login form, and other sections. The product comes with a set of premium extensions. These add-ons can be used for adding some convenient features. They can help in hiding the login URL, allowing subscribers to log in without passwords, and activating other handy features.

2. White Label Branding For WordPress

White Label Branding For WordPress is a powerful premium product for personalizing your admin and login page. You can add your own header logo and favicon to the page. It also lets you remove WordPress from the title of the page. The tool allows people to hide the actual administrator account and create a “fake” one. This will enable you to give limited access to your clients to the admin area. The advanced color management capabilities of the tool will help you in creating your own login layouts. The product comes with a Role and Capability Manager which lets owners assign roles to different subscribers.

3. Memphis Custom Login

People looking for a cost-effective but robust tool can choose the Memphis Custom Login plugin. This SSL enabled product is available free of cost to users. It comes with Google Analytics support for all pages of an interface including the login and admin sections. Website owners can create custom WordPress login screens with unique logos. They can modify the color of the text, background, and the links on the pages. Users are allowed to set a custom redirect where subscribers will be sent to after logging in. They can also hide default links like register or forgot password link.

4. Custom Login Page Customizer

The Custom Login Page Customizer is a popular plugin with more than 80,000 active installations to its credit. It lets users easily personalize a login screen right from their website’s customizer. Once the software is activated, an option of Login Customizer will become visible in WordPress’ customizer tool. All the different customization options like logo, form styling and background, fields styling, and button styling are present in the section. As the modifications are made in the left-hand side, the changes to the page become visible on the right.

5. BM Custom Login

BM Custom Login is a simple, no-frills product that can be easily used by all kinds of website owners. The tool lets users add an image to the background. They can change the colors of the text, text shadow, and text links. The plugin allows users to conduct personalization by adding custom CSS. The developer has created a group on the image sharing service, Flickr. The plugin’s users can share their own unique layouts on this group and view the designs created by others.

6. Tailored Login

Tailored Login comes with an in-built style manager to customize the login screen. It can be used to upload a background image or graphic for the header. Users can also add up to two widgets at the top or the bottom of their screens. They can define the background color, font, and width of the widget bar. Each aspect of the login form like the header, text, and button can be modified easily with the solution. This premium software is developed by iThemes and is available as part of their plugins suite.

7. LoginPress

LoginPress is a freemium product and its open source variant enjoys 5-star rating. This popular tool has impressive active installation figures of over 60,000. It lets users completely modify their screens and even add custom messages for login errors. Apart from the usual features of adding unique logos, modifying background and text, it also enables users to add the copyright notice at the bottom of the page.


Creating a custom WordPress login page helps in integrating the section with the overall design strategy of the interface. It creates a seamless experience for visitors and helps in building a brand. You can use any of the above-mentioned login page plugins to build modify our screens.

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