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Web Design Mistakes that are Killing Your SEO

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Web design agency isn’t enough to survive the competition in the Internet-driven world. It’s a prerequisite. Once you have developed the website, you need to optimize it to the search engine practices to grow the ranking of your website and increase its reach.


But while you optimize it for SEO, you common mistakes in design that kill your SEO.


Do you want to know what these common mistakes are?


  1. A Loaded Design


If you see from the SEO perspective, it doesn’t demand a fully loaded design covered with visuals and content. If you see successfully running websites today, you’d notice the simplicity in the design created with white spaces, short content and captivating images.


Avoiding clutter in design and keeping the visuals clear is the key to an SEO optimized design. It also looks appealing and successfully grabs the audience’s attention to the site.


  1. Missing the Important Information


The web is the most crucial resource of your business. If you create it right, you can entail the benefits and if not you can miss the golden opportunities. The home page is the first where the users get the chance to know about you. So, avail it to give the best information there, the features of your product/services, the benefits, etc.


Make it reachable for the visitors to contact you, show real images instead of the stock ones and ensure that users have access to verify your information on the site. It’s considered good practice for SEO.


  1. Don’t Complicate the Content


Content is the key to gain SEO results. If you use complicated phrases that are difficult for your audience to understand then search engine results might also get affected. For your information, there’s a Flesch Reading Score on sites that tells about the readability.


Test your content in it. If the grade is getting lower then work on it to improve. Apart from the score, focus on conveying value through the web content. And include keywords that will help to boost your content on search engines.


  1. No CTA


Adding a visible CTA increases your website conversions especially if you’re an ecommerce business. It guides your visitors on what to do immediately after they land on your site.


If your information is digestible and a reader is convinced by your words, the CTA button will help him to make a quick decision. The more users click on your CTA, the better your website ranking will become. It also counts in good SEO practice.


  1. Neglecting SEO while Designing


You don’t need to perform SEO only when your website is designed completely because SEO and design go hand in hand.


You’ll need to use analytics that tracks your website traffic and gain conversions from the specific keywords.


  1. Poor Content and Images


Images and content are the basis of SEO. For example, if a user type best web design agency and your business come on top in the search results so users will click on it. But when they’ll see the content and images are not up to that level, they’ll switch to another website.


Content should also have the keywords required for SEO and all the images you use on your website must be optimized. Don’t ignore the minor details on your website, publish quality content and focus on posting real images that users can easily relate with.


  1. Loading on Website


This matters! Nobody will show interest in your website if takes too long to load. There are many other websites ready to take your place. Website speed is also the most crucial factor in SEO.


You’ll notice an increase in the website conversion if the page load speed is fast but if slow you’ll lose a majority of customers.


These 7 mistakes are deadliest to SEO. It won’t only affect the ranking but will also affect your conversion ratio. So, take a look at your website and if you found these 7 mistakes, overcome it immediately.


Need any help?


Feel free to get in touch with your specific query. I’d be happy to address your SEO mistakes on the website.



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