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5 Common UX Mistakes to Avoid while Setting up Magento eCommerce Store

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In a rapidly evolving eCommerce industry, there are many hot trends that you need to follow while setting up a fruitful business. And, one of those is user experience that is the core essence and needs to be taken care of effectively.

Here, I shall discuss upon some of the common slips that we tend to perform in context with UX. Let’s begin to see those and some proven practices to overcome the same.

1. Poor Product Representation

The prime aim of your online eStore is to sell products or services. So, your products always need to be the core and whole website should revolve around them.

First, a poor quality of product images is enough to spoil to your brand’s credibility. Second comes the poorly written product descriptions. By doing these two, you are increasing your chances of denial by audience.

To practice the best product representation on your Magento web store, you need to display high-quality product images clicked by professionals or from a good camera. Also, you should be writing precise, to-the-point, explanatory, and unique product descriptions.

Apart from hiring a Magento theme development company for designing & developing eCommerce website, you can also choose to hire a professional content writer and photographer to achieve a perfect product representation.

2. Complex Checkout

Having a complex and lengthy checkout is the worst mistake that any retailer can commit. You may have the best navigation, hot-selling products, best prices etc. yet if you fail in providing your customers with a complicated checkout web page, you are definitely going to lose sales.

There may be greater chances that your customers will abandon their carts. So, you are always required to offer a simple, easy, and flexible checkout web pages. You can divide your checkout page into two main sections; shipping address details, payment & order placement.

Otherwise, some of the best practices to obtain best checkout experience on your websites are a single page checkout, guest checkout, social media login etc. In case of Magento web development, it is easy to attain all these via simple extensions’ integration (Magento One Step Checkout).

3. Few Shipping Options

In today’s competitive eCommerce industry, people expect a shorter delivery period (two-day or overnight) irrespective of their location. So, you need to be well-prepared on your shipping options.

Having a fixed shipping option or lesser shipping carriers can definitely lead to vain. To avoid such situations, you need to work on providing different options.

You can opt for an omnichannel eCommerce for this and hire third-party vendors in different locations to fulfill your online orders. Also, you can offer BOPIS option to enhance customer-experience on your website. This way you are also working on increasing your physical store’s sales.

4. Ambiguous Site Navigation

A Magento eCommerce website navigation is the key to your online business’ success. It is the process to take your audience to products for viewing and buying.

Imagine a scenario, where customers are exploring multiple wrong web pages to search desired products yet not able to. It will eventually push them away from your website in case faced with chaotic navigation.

Thus, it is always recommended to offer a smooth navigational experience to your customers so that they won’t lose their interest in your website.

You are always required to put your products’ category wise under a specific type. For e.g., if you are an apparel retailer, you can have navigation like Clothing→ Women→ Bottoms→Shorts.

This way you are making the navigation quite easy and productive simultaneously for your consumers. And, they would definitely love exploring it.

5. Lack of Responsiveness

One of the biggest harm that you can do to your website is to not provide it with responsiveness i.e. not providing a great user-experience across different screen sizes.

Today’s consumer is not bound to a single platform for purchasing online. Your website is supposed to be opened on multiple devices like mobile, desktops or tablets.

So, you need to achieve such version of your Magento store that can be a perfect fit for every platform irrespective of its screen size.

In case, you fail to provide an adequate and similar shopping experience across multiple platforms then you are drifting your audience to competitors with the same goals.

In Conclusion…

An eCommerce UX is a wide term that can not be covered in a few limited points. There is always more to it. So, it is always recommended to take a thorough look on your product line, target niche, and competitor’s business while ensuring a seamless UX on your Magento web store.

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