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Effective Ways to Use Instagram to Promote a Web Designer’s Official Website

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It is important to promote and market your web design and development company if you want to expand your business and attract the attention of more clients. A web designer’s official website is actually a fabulous platform for showcasing his web design and development competence and skills. Today, web designers could drive more traffic to their official website by leveraging the powerful social media platform called Instagram. You could build your brand’s online presence by having an Instagram business account. Your attractive Instagram posts could entice more and more users to visit your official website. Your unique and creative web design samples and projects could be flaunted on Instagram to attract your precise target audience who would be visiting your official website out of sheer curiosity once they see the amazing Instagram feed.

Why should a web designer use Instagram? We know that Instagram is primarily a visual-centric platform and is the right destination for all creative professionals. Moreover, 71 percent of the businesses in the United States are using this popular social media platform. There are over 2 million advertisers on Instagram on a daily basis. We know that there are more than 200 million Instagram users who would be visiting a minimum of one Instagram Business profile on a daily basis and 80 percent of Instagram users are following a minimum of one business. All these amazing statistics prove beyond any doubt that Instagram means serious business.

Moreover, according to https://www.forbes.com, “Having a strong and consistent Instagram presence builds brand awareness and creates lasting relationships, which result in long-term organic growth. It’s essential to have a presence, but not just any presence, your brand needs to stand out.”

 Make Your Instagram Posts Stand Out

A promotional post is known to have many responsibilities. It must necessarily grab attention and appear fascinating enough to click at once and share instantly. If you wish to make your post look stellar, you need to customize it as per the unique requirements of the social media channel you are using, in this case, it is Instagram. You need to ensure that your Instagram post showcases a high-quality image of your web design projects accompanied by an appropriately catchy caption. You may consider a different caption for Instagram as compared to the one used on your official website.

Timing is Crucial

Instagram users are supposed to be more active at specific times. Use Instagram analytics to find out more about your precise target audience’s activity patterns and when would be an ideal time to post your content. Once you get familiar with your specific target audience, you would be developing a much better idea regarding the best time to post your content. Do not feel scared to re-post frequently. You could post several times every day and even post on different days. Perfect scheduling of posts is of utmost importance if you want to expose your web design skills and versatility to a broader target audience and attract real Instagram followers.

Networking is of Utmost Importance

An integral part of creating social media presence actually is attracting and effectively building an audience. One critical factor is networking. One simple way of initiating the process is by actively interacting with all your followers. Ask questions and try to engage them right at the outset and keep them consistently motivated to return to your page. Consider reaching out to other users who seem to share your passion and interests and try to effectively build a solid network of like-minded people who are pretty enthusiastic and excited about visiting your official website.


More and more Instagrammers would be visiting a web designer’s official website provided he is quite creative with his content. Remember if you are a professional web designer obviously, you are attached to the creative industry and you need to cater to the demands of your trade. Flaunt your creativity and authenticity through your project designs. Use motion graphics, custom graphics, and video to grab user attention to your website and motivate more and more visitors to engage with your unique content.

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