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5 most popular cable TV services in USA

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Have you ever wondered how big the world of cable TV is? I love my Spectrum TV and Internet service. There’s nothing better than coming home after work and unwinding with a nice movie or binging shows on weekends. But until recently, I never realized just how big the cable TV industry is. If you go back more than 50 years, cable TV was a novelty that emerged almost simultaneously in 3 states. Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas had notoriously poor reception on the air-wave broadcasts in the US. “Community” antennas were constructed on mountaintops to enhance reception and homes were connected to them to receive broadcasts. And so, cable TV was born

Over the last sixty-five years, cable TV has come a long way from being a novelty for small communities. It has become America’s foremost medium for movies, television, and internet. Millions of Americans are part of this massive grid through which digital signals pass and emerge as entertainment. As technology has progressed, the ability to enjoy internet access and video content on multiple devices has revolutionized entertainment. An estimated $275 billion has been spent on infrastructure and almost 3 million jobs have been created to get here. Cable TV has been one of the hallmarks of the American way of life. With hundreds of high-quality entertainment options across diverse demographics and interests, it’s no wonder that cable became so popular. Here are some of the most popular Cable TV service providers in the US:

  1. WOW!

WOW! is among the most popular cable TV service providers in the US. Although it has a limited coverage restricted to 9 states, it still offers coverage to 7.1 million Americans. WOW! is especially popular because of its speedy service, with download speeds reaching up to 1Gig. There are also no data caps so you can stream as much as you want. Like most providers these days, WOW! offers an all-round experience with both standalone and bundled TV, internet and home phone. If you’re in any of the covered states and looking for cable and internet, WOW! is the way to go.

  1. Optimum

Optimum by Cablevision is another very popular service provider. Optimum currently covers only 4 states but still has coverage for over 12.5 million people. Though Optimum prices vary with package and number of channels included, these are still considerably competitive. The starter TV package offers around 210+ channels whereas the highest tier package offers more than 420 channels. Currently, Optimum cable tv is concentrated in the New York tri-state area. You might want to check if you’re in the coverage area and are eligible on their website.

  1. Cox

Cox Communications offers one of the best cable TV experiences in America. Cox covers 19 states, reaching more than 20.8 million Americans. Cox is one of the most reliable and popular cable tv providers among most cable TV subscribers. It also offers several quirky features to enhance your viewing experience. A Voice Remote Control lets you flip channels and find content through voice commands. Smart Search saves you surfing time and lets you view onscreen guides without having to randomly flip through channels to find what you want. Cox offers family-friendly viewing, which is why they offer Parental Control for parents to restrict mature or inappropriate content.

  1. Xfinity

In terms of subscriber coverage, Xfinity is the biggest cable provider in the US. It covers 40 states and reaches more than 111 million people in the US. You can get standalone internet as well as bundle it with one of their TV packages. It offers different tiers of packages with the starter package offering 140+ channels and the premium package offering 260+ channels. Xfinity also has a voice-controlled remote known as the X1 Voice Remote. This voice remote also allows you to control Xfinity Home Security, a number of cameras so you can rest easy.

  1. Spectrum

Charter Spectrum covers the most number of states in the US, currently providing coverage in 43 states. It services a subscriber base exceeding 101 million and is a widely recognized name in cable TV services. Spectrum TV goes beyond other providers in offering the most number of HD channels. Spectrum offers complete home connectivity with internet, TV, and phone. These can be purchased either as standalone packages or bundled together to save money. Charter Spectrum Packages are some of the most popular and competitive offers in the market. You can bundle their triple play packages and save significantly. The starter package offers a 125+ channel selection while the premium package offers 200+ channels.

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