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Dubai Sightseeing Travel Tips

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There are some top Dubai attractions and things to do in Dubai this September. These include a wide mix of activities as well as other attraction types. With this in mind, we are going to take a look at a few of them today.

To start things off Dubai Dolphinarium and Seal Show is an excellent attraction. Of course, the Dolphins and seals are amazing and beautiful creatures to marvel at and Dubai have a wonderful live show which features a photo opportunity with the animals, plus a maze to explore and even a trampoline for some jumping fun!

Flying First Time Dubai:

Whatever time of the year you visit, Flying from emirates and get amazed served by Dubai lounges in the airport,  for best ever trip ready for amazing sightseeing in Dubai lounges is a must. There are plenty of ways you can get around the area and witness some breathtaking sites. One such way is to purchase a sightseeing package. Shop around different websites and you will find plenty of options, with tours starting and ending in various places, but all visiting some key landmarks. You may like to get around by bus, you may choose a boat cruise tour, but either way, you will see some awesome sights!

Desert Safari Dubai:

An evening desert safari Dubai is another must activity. There are different packages on offer but some of the best will include in this experience a 4×4 ride, camel riding, fire shows, camping, dance and so much more. This will all take place under the beautiful sight of a Dubai evening setting. A memory you will always treasure.

Famous Dubai Opera:

In September, the famous Dubai Opera will be host to plenty of interesting shows and you have the chance to sit down and experience them within an impressive venue. The Dubai Opera is located in the centre of the Opera District. It houses more than 2000 seats and is home to some record-breaking shows. It is highly recommended to experience the fine dining service that is also available within this landmark.

Dubai Attractions Places:

Another one of the Dubai attractions that will provide a unique and fun experience is the Dubai Ski. Keep in mind September is still usually a particularly hot time in Dubai’s climate, and therefore this one offers the perfect chance to cool down somewhat! This attraction offers the very fun idea of zorbing down some snow slopes, a ride on the Mountain Thriller and the Chairlift and plenty more. The events are available all through September.

Next, we have the La Perle by Dragone for your considerations. Now, this is all about providing a visual treat to the senses in a way like no other. Experts claim La Perle as the future of live entertainment, so no small statement! The name of this event comes from the entertainment’s director Franco Dragone and this fusion of dance, music and art is a strong recommendation. It is available to watch all through September, but only certain days, so check online information before visiting.

Dubai Frame Building:

Throughout September, 9 am to 9 pm, a fantastic Dubai attraction is the Dubai Frame. This is both an observation deck and an art gallery in one. On the outside, you get to see first-hand an amazing view of modern-day Dubai, and inside the gallery offers you a look at Dubai from the past, and the structure itself is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece.

Of course, this is only a small selection of the many things you can see and do in Dubai this September but hopefully, you know have some starting points for some truly great Dubai attractions.

Now, we mentioned visiting the deserts in Dubai but please do the same when you are at the Abu Dhabi leg of your tour. This area can be explored by taking a Camel Trek around the desert safari Abu Dhabi, and you can take part in some fun dune bashing or quad bike rides for some fast-paced thrills.

The Corniche is our next recommendation. We have focused on places that involved amazing sights and fun activities so let’s consider some relaxation to calm down with! Here at The Corniche, you will find a public road containing parks, walkways and cycle paths and features an amazing backdrop of the Abu Dhabi skyline and the blue waters.

Of course, there is so much to see and do when you are taking a tour of Dubai through to Abu Dhabi, and we were only able to feature a few suggestions here, plus in one weekend you will not be able to visit everywhere. But you can use these features as a starting point, and then save the other attractions for your next weekend visit!

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