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Are Dental Problems causing children to Skip School?

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As a child, you must have felt very good when for whatever reason you had to skip school. There must have been various reasons for it, but the major excuse was that you were sick ad especially that you had an oral dental problem.

What Dental Problems Children Face?

There are several dental problems that are explained by Tulsa Pediatric Group that children face. It is the main cause of children missing their school. When a child’s first teeth erupt till he/ she grows to a teenager; faces many oral complications.

Decaying of the teeth

When children eat a lot of candies, toffees and other sweets then various bacteria gather on the surface of the teeth. This damages the enamel on the teeth and creates plaque thus the decay of teeth starts. The bacteria turn the color of teeth first to yellow and then gradually become black.

Bad smell in breath

These different bacteria that collect on the teeth can cause the bad smell to come from our mouth when we breathe. The leftover food particles on the surface of teeth are not washed properly; it helps the bacteria to nurture. This is a reason why bad breath is a common problem in children.

Sensitivity in the teeth

The sensitivity in the teeth is directly related to the decay of teeth. The outer layer of the teeth wears off exposing the dentin and then pulp which has the nerves; associated with different sensations. When this part is exposed and anything cold or hot reaches the pulp then it causes extreme sensitivity.

Infections in the gums

The inflammation of the gums occurs when you don’t practice good oral hygiene. It makes the gums weak and various diseases like; burning and redness of the gums, exposing the roots and in the end, you can lose the teeth.

Other Dental difficulties

There are many other difficulties that the child faces related to the teeth, gums and other regions of the mouth. The kids can grind their teeth, ulcer or sores on the tongue and inside of the mouth, the early loss of baby teeth, late loosen of the teeth.

Issues related to Dental problems

The moment when the child develops oral problems other issues start to evolve which are directly and indirectly related to each other. So it is essential that you take your child to a well-reputed clinic like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa for a proper treatment to avoid these complications.

Change in behavior of the child

Very little kids don’t understand what is happening to them and really explain their condition. This makes them annoyed, isolated, and grumpy and finds it very problematic to focus in class. Sometimes extreme cases they are unable to speak appropriately.

Deterioration of General Health

The above mentioned dental problems are a big reason for the deterioration of general health of the child. There are various situations in which children are not able to chew their food properly. This results in undigested meals and interferes in the development of the whole body.

How to avoid this situation?

When you are facing a situation in which your child has to skip school just because of the dental problems then you have to understand that it is time to change the whole lifestyle. You have to start with various healthy practices and involve your children with you as well.

The proper way of brushing

Regular brushing is a vital part of keeping your teeth healthy. Many factors are there that will impact the teeth and gums. The appropriate way of brushing is moving the brush up and down but be careful not to be aggressive in your movement.

Introduce Fluoride

Fluoride can be introduced in the daily routine of the child in many ways. Almost all toothpaste contains fluoride but it is best to look at the ingredients and make sure that it is an important part of the components. There are mouthwashes that also have this natural mineral. Many drinking water companies add fluoride to improve dental health.

Use of Floss

Flossing is a very good technique of removing plaque and food particles in between the teeth where normal brush bristles can’t reach. The dentists recommend that once a day flossing is favorable but the practice can be done weekly as well.

Visit Tulsa Pediatric Group

You have to take your child to a dentist every six months but if the damage and problem are very serious then you have to take the kid after 3 months. The dentist will make a complete inspection of your child’s teeth and gums and look for problems.

Eat oral Friendly Food

Make a diet plan for the whole family so that your child follows it along with others. The healthy must include; dairy products that are rich in calcium, fruits and vegetables that are crunchy and food that is rich in phosphorus and vitamins.

Back off from Sugary Food

As parents, it is very difficult to keep your child away from sweets but Tulsa Pediatric Group insists you develop techniques so that your kid backs off from sugary food. You can give healthy alternatives to munch on.

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