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Few Ideas To Decorate Party Venue With The Help Of Balloons

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Having balloons in any birthday party is necessary. It doesn’t matter if it’s for little kids or grown ups. You can easily blow up balloons with your mouth or go for helium filled balloons from an online store. You can then tie our glue then together to make interesting shapes like arch, flower shapes etc. If you want a balloon delivery you can order online at best prices.

Here Are Some Ideas That You Can Incorporate Into Planning The Event:

  1. Add in some balloons together with the help of glue or threads and then you can make an arch for the entrance of the venue. It will excite the people who will be joining the party. And it also adds an extra flair to the decoration. Don’t forget to use multiple coloured balloons rather than just similar coloured ones, that’ll make it more attractive and vibrant. 
  2. Use a string to add in balloons into a beautiful looking garland. Take a price of thread or string and then blow balloons and bind them off one by one together which will result in a gorgeous garland made out of balloons. Using multiple coloured one is better than using single coloured. Add in some tape to secure their positions. So they don’t keep founding out of place. Hang it on a wall or wrong the room. 
  3. Create multiple shapes

You can come up with a decoration where you can use multiple coloured balloons to make different shapes like flowers, trees, or a cluster of multi coloured balloons in the shape of grapes. Its a good choice to choose 2 colour for each cluster, that’ll bring out the uniqueness in the bunch. 

  1. Create a balloon flower shapes decoration

This idea is great if you are organising a party that is theme based like for flowers or seasonal based. For this you can either choose two colours and make the petals with one of them and second colour for the centre. This can and will certainties cheer people. These kinds of decorations  are good if you are planning to add balloon decoration in room

  1. Mix up the balloon of different sizes for a big cluster. 

Add in small and large sized balloons into the mix, make sure to have multiple colour choices within that. These types of decorations are good if you are looking to place these in a large area compared to other options. Use tape to bind these balloons together, in a random order obviously, you want to make it appear as big as possible. 

6.Use colors yourself too customizer the balloon as per your liking

It doesn’t matter which of the other ideas you’ll be going with, you can choose to add colours yourself on the balloons, just grab some colours and go painting on those balloons. You can even add letters same as the name of the person who’s birthday party is being organised, or you can add in the number for your kids age on them as well. Better idea is to just let the kids draw on them with the paints and colours, that will keep them busy and entertained at the same time. 

  1. Add extra decoratives to the balloons

You can add in extra decorative like paper coins or ribbons to balloons. One way to make them unique is by using multiple colour for each decorative item you add & keeping them different coloured from the balloon you are adding will also look really good. Use glue or tape to stick these paper cones & ribbons together, tie them together, great for kids to play with these as well. 

  1. Make your balloons glow

This is one of the most craziest ideas you can come up with if you are hosting the party during the evening or at night time. Blow some different coloured balloons and throw in some glow sticks you find from stores and tie the balloons. The visual it’ll create at a lightly dark place will look astonishing. Make sure to light the glow stick before to put it inside the balloon, you can do that by bending the stick to either side. 

You can also tie balloons towards the end of chair edges whet the guests will be sitting or at them on any goodies you have there for the kids. No matter which of these ideas you’ll choose for the next birthday event you’ll be hosting, just remember to go out of the norms and be creative with these ideas.

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