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10 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good for Your Health

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What is exercise? Exercise is basically any physical activity that require effort and which is beneficial for health of a person. Exercises can be of types. It can be yoga, cardiovascular exercise. Even physical therapy comes under the basic definition of exercise. Exercise is not only good for body; it can be very helpful for the peace of mind. We have heard a lot of people say that if you want to relax you should take a walk in open air. We have heard people say that they feel fresh when they are exercising on daily basis. That is not just a myth but a fact that exercise can help body cope with many problems. We will be talking about 10 different reasons why exercise is good for health.

  • First one being weight management. Exercise helps in weight loss. It isn’t just required to manage the weight it is required to lose it too. The biggest concern for today is obesity. Obesity has taken over like a flood and to control it we need to make sure people understand how important it is to exercise to maintain their weight.
  • Second reason can be to avoid diabetes. Diabetes is a disease where people become immune to insulin that lowers the sugar level in the blood. But we have heard a lot of times that doctors say if we exercise the sugar level can be controlled with walk of 30 minutes or exercise. The reason behind this is that when we exercise the sugar is used to provide energy for body and doesn’t accumulate in blood to raise its level more than usual.
  • Third reason can be its help in proper functioning of immune system. Immune system of body is the system that saves our body from bacteria, viruses and allergens etc. and we don’t get ill. Immune system is one of the most important system of our body it not only helps cope with diseases it is also important and helpful in depressed conditions. Thus when we do exercise it helps ease the mind and thus helps better immune system.
  • Fourth reason can be preventing cardio vascular diseases. Cardio vascular diseases are the ones that are related to heart. The most common one is accumulation of fats in the veins and arteries of heart. The more exercise we do there are more chances that the fats we take are used for energy rather than being stored. Thus helps in preventing the cardiovascular diseases and bring out body weight to normal.
  • Exercise and physical can also be helpful making our bones strong. Bones are just like a car the more you use it the more it will be in good condition. But once you stop using it the rust will take over the metals. It is required by us to use our bones. The more we use them the more they will be in good shape.
  • Sixth reason why exercise is good for our health is that it helps our lungs become strong and which will help us in breathing. As we grow old our lungs muscles become weak but we can keep them intact and strong by exercise because when we exercise our lungs get used to it and become stronger.
  • Seventh reason will be that is helps improve our sleeping patterns. Exercise shouldn’t be done before going to bed but it should be done early in the morning. The more we exercise the more our hearts work and thus heart pumps more blood in the body. The pattern of heart pumping becomes better and thus it helps us sleep well at night.
  • Eighth reason for exercising will be to improve how we feel every day. Physical therapist in Huntsville, AL says that people who exercise on daily basis are less likely to be effected by depression. In our society we believe that depression is not a real thing but we don’t get that it is as real as any other physical disorder. When we exercise we see that transmitters are released in our brain which helps us feel good fresh and take us out of depression and anxiety. Thus physical activity helps us in stress relieving.
  • Ninth reason why we should exercise on daily basis is because it helps us in our memory. Students now days need to exercise badly because exercise helps in proper functioning of brain cells and which helps in learning process for student in particular. Hippocampus in brain the memory center which becomes fresh each time a person exercises.
  • Tenth and final reason to exercise is to have fun. Exercise doesn’t always involve very hard exercises. It can involve cycling, playing etc. so hence we get that exercise can be fun and we can include it in our daily routine to improve our life styles and health.


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