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How Buy Custom Boxes In Bulk Lower Its Cost?

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Custom boxes are the most environmental friendly and versatile packaging solution for any kind of product. These boxes are available in the market with full customization. Paperboard, corrugated cardboard, and kraft paper are used to make these boxes. Custom boxes wholesale cost less in price than the retailers because there is no middle man to deal with. The other reason is that wholesale dealers buy materials directly from the manufacturers.

Everyone is familiar with the word bulk, everyone knows that buying things in a larger quantity reduces their price significantly. It is the most beneficial thing for the businesses and retailers to save a pretty good amount of money in a business and increase the revenue.

How is that possible?

Let us go a little deeper to understand how it works.

What Is Wholesale?

Neither a product nor its type, wholesale means large number of quantities. Most of the people confuse the term with a form or kind of a product that is totally not true or is highly misleading.

Wholesale is a business or an entity that works as a middleman between the producer and a retailer to get the product to sell at the shops in relatively smaller quantity. A wholesaler is an agent that is unbiased in making a negotiation to the manufacturers. They get the deals based on market trends that ensure the benefit of both the wholesaler and the retailer.

Hang on to the word retailer, you need to know the differences between retailer and wholesaler to understand why there is a huge difference in the prices of both. The reason these wholesale buyers exist is because a business has a lot of other tasks to manage. They cannot go to the manufacturers and negotiate the deals. Besides this wholesalers buy the materials in bulk which consequently reduces the per piece costing, this further aids them in their pursuits.

Coming to retailers, they are the shops that we see everywhere. Retailer is a store that sells directly to the customers.

Difference Between The Retailer And Wholesaler

These differences will eliminate any of the confusion that you still have about custom boxes in wholesale or how custom boxes in bulk are bought and further sold.


  • Dealing: manufacturer to wholesale to retailer.
  • Price: lower as compared to retailers.
  • Competition: there is less competition between bulk dealers.
  • Volume: sell in large volume.
  • Investment: need huge capital.
  • Range of products: limited.
  • Operation: extended to different cities.
  • Advertising: wholesalers do not need elaborated advertising like retailers.


  • Dealing: custom boxes from wholesale dealer to retailer.
  • Price: comparatively higher.
  • Competition: there is a very high competition between the retailers.
  • Volume: sell in small quantities.
  • Investment: need little investment.
  • Range of products: retailers offer wide range of products.
  • Operation: limited to a specific area.
  • Advertising: retailers need proper advertising to reach audience.

It is the time to see how custom packaging and wholesalers work?

Custom packaging is the only packaging that can help a business grow and flourish in the competition where many companies sell the same product. It is really important to create a distinction from the competitors to stay in the market and attract potential audience.

Custom die cut boxes allow the companies to create the boxes of their own choice that represent the brand image in the best way possible by choosing the material, design, shapes, and sizes according to the essence of the company. It becomes beneficial when they buy custom boxes in wholesale because they get the best deals.

How Wholesale Pricing Is Lower?

It is the price of manufacturing custom boxes plus the price that a wholesaler put on the products while selling it to the retailers. This margin is the profit that wholesaler makes in all this process.

1. Larger volume

Custom packaging like any other product is sold in bulk or in large volumes so that the wholesalers can make their profit on a small margin. As the prices are already low that is why they cannot sell a single item. People can buy custom boxes from retailers in smaller number but this is not the case with custom boxes in wholesale.

2. No services

Unlike retailers wholesale dealers do not provide any additional services to the customers.

For example, retailers have to display the product in the stores, arrange them in an order, place them at the right spot, and use their resources to run the store, for which they add up their own margin in the prices of the products bought from the wholesalers.

It is the best option to get your custom boxes in bulk if you are planning to start a business and need a cost effective custom packaging so that as much money can be saved.

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